3-0 Riders on first drive - good start

nice run by Byod - someone tape Dunigan please :cowboy:

wow, where are the fans?

10-7 is good.

Come on Sask! :thup:

Wow. That was a nice run by Owens. :thup:

Dunigan's voice changes from monatone while talking about the Riders to foaming, growling when talking about the argo's lol

He's not the right person for the job :thdn:

great catch by owens

I like the flow to this tilt so far.

Bell is totally getting lucky here.

The Riders defense needs to kill him a few times and then he'll be back to normal.

this guy is way out of his element.

Looking to be a good back-and-forth game. Toronto has some good weapons in Boyd, Owens, and Durie. :thup:

For real? :lol: I guess someone didn't like Bell's comments about Sask. :lol:

Is our tackling that bad? Or are they running so well and making us just look bad?

Disappointed in Ssk Defense so far

Toronto likes to use the running attack, Boyd is great to watch when on his game.

it's Bells first start ever.

the guy is getting a good groove, until the defense decides to nail him in the backfield really good. it'll wake him up

I'm not sure how much defence we're going to see in this game. Even Toronto isn't playing that well. They haven't given up any big plays (that I've seen), but they're letting Sask pick them apart a few yards at a time... 5 yards here, 7 yards there.

I like the poise of Durant, play selection on his reads are posh and has the strongest arm in the league. Me thinks

That throw almost left an exit wound!

this is too easy. Durant is looking like Doug Flutie here.

TD Saskatchewan!!

that was no horse collar

Did the CFL change the rule on Horse Collar tackle? The Rider player grabbed it but let go half way down - that is clearly not a penalty ..... unless the rules changed>?