Not real impressed with the Riders today. The Argos, OTOH, are playing much better today than they did last week.

Stupid, and big, penalties by the Riders. No excuses about starters either, as they didn't even pull Joseph until the start of the 4th.

what did u expect, really?....the argos defense hadn't given up a TD in 2 games.

the argos have alot to play for and the riders are just 'practicing', really....sure they 'want' to win, but they dont 'need' to win.

Riders are letting the Argo receivers get big yards after the catch as well, very poor tackling by the defence. I dont what it is , but these guys just dont know how to tackle or at least force guys out of bounds. We will see the same result in 1988 if they keep going like this- very poor game by the Riders in all facets of the game today.

lousy D today. Offense doesn't surprise me as Cates, Holmes and Szarka are all out so the blitz pickups are non-existent. Next week will be better on offense. Not so sure about the defense but I hope so. Hopefully Frazier, Stancil and Adams will be back for the semi final.

Wake up call!

Quite the beating for the "practice" game. What happened to the secondary? Ouch. Made the Argos O look dangerous for once.

Fans didn't seem to appreciate it either. Cleared out with 10mins left on the clock.

They say defense wins Championships dont they?

argos look scary good....look out

....Argos had everything to play for....Riders zilch....only a warm-up....soooo the obvious happened...T.O. hosts the final.....and will be very tough to beat at the Skydome....i think the Bombers and Als. could be on the outside looking in....that's what happens when you don't put in a full seasons play....usually you end up an 'also ran'... :wink: :roll:

If the Riders play like this next week, they;d lose to the Stamps starting Frank.

Having "nothing to play for" doesn't excuse the Riders starters p!ss-poor play. Today was like the Lions blowout of the Riders earlier this year.

You have to believe the 'riders will play better next week, but today's performance was shockingly abysmal.

The Riders peaked months ago. I told you they were overrated after racking all those wins late in the season against teams with backup QBs, Hamilton, Edmonton and so on. The haven't won a big game since about July lost 3 straight big ones against Winnipeg and BC and yet somehow they are the favourites to win even against Calgary in the WF? hhmmfff... they'll be lucky to survive Burris and their air attack and don't stand a chance against BC on the fast turf in the dome.

Today's game proved it. Toronto is hot and may even take down the Lions in the Grey Cup and say what you will about not having anything to play for yada yada yada, if this wasn't a test to see how the ship was sailing going into the playoffs I don't what is.

If they're not careful they'll end up like the Mavericks last year...

Ah Swervin, the ever-present voice of reason.not.

Your right SM they are over rated no doubt about it. I predicted the Argos would be in first at the end of the season and their team is getting better each week. Bombers should save the airfare to TO. As far as the Riders they are great only in the mind of Rider nation nothing more.

Ahhh. the big uterus. Always policing this board for anti Riders posts and coming back with nothing. Touche my friend.

Not so easy playing the better teams . Too bad they couldnt have finished out against Hamilton. Mavericks? Theyll finish up like the Riders did last year.

No need to come back against your drivel. I watch all the boards and comment on several things as opposed to your apparent obsession with the Riders and their fans.

Of course you don't seem to be able to understand reason or intelligent discussion when you see it so often i don't waste my time on you.

The Riders sucked today. No question. They played as poorly in all aspects of the game as they possibly could have. Odds are incredibly low that they will play like this again. I still say Calgary will lose in the Western Semi and it will be a tight game between SK and BC in the Final. There. Is that better?

I think the Bombers should show up out of courtesy. Who knows what can happen.