Well its official now... this game means nothing other than Revenge for that stinker in Regina.. Should we try and Win at all costs? Play Joesph and risk injury? Play Crandell?
Any thoughts?

IMO it only makes sense to rest the starters and let Crandell play :wink: and maybe against Edmonton to. another nothing game :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a meaningful game to Toronto with first place very much still up for grabs there.

Should be a good game to see if the Riders can play the spoilers. The Argos clinch us a playoff spot by knocking off the Esks and we can repay that by beating them the next week lol

Why let Crandell play? I say let Durant start - it gives him some valuable playing experience, and ensures our numbers one and two stay (get??) healthy for the game vs. the Stamps.....

Gotta get the team healthy for the playoffs...

I find myself in total agreement with jm02…let Durant start get some expierence against the top defense in the CFL…see what he’s made of.
He was a good college QB and has the CFL type physic.

of course u would agree :stuck_out_tongue: u want your team to win and by putting our 4th stringers in there, that should help your team :cowboy:

The latest update says it will be all hands on deck for the Argo game. That means Joseph will start.
I would not rule out the possibility of Crandel getting some action in the second half though.

I predict you will only see Durant if it is a blow out, or there are injuries.

ro = mass x velocity

With our starters in there for even just the first half... it gives them the opertunity to practise anything and work out any kinks at game speed... I think Crandel will get 1 full quarter... and durant may see ~5 mins

Prediction - 27-23 argos on top..

Well, no Crandell.
I think Danny did the right thing by playing all the starters in a close game.
It always sucks when a team plays the backups in a game which is important to other teams, if not themselves.

Well the Edmonton game is a nothing game, so either Crandell or Durant should get the start. A healthy Joseph is important for the playoffs .

yeah, but if we lose to edmonton, then there wont be a winning season an ppl will be asking for danny's head

I think it was the right choice by Barrett to leave his starters in, this team needs to build momemtum, the defense bailed them out tonight, not too many games I can remember winning with 13 points.
Maurice Floyd stood out.. he's agressive with an attitude ...something we havent seen in along time at that position.

Maurice Lloyd is getting better each game and he made some plays tonight. Good to see.
Not sure where we will play all our 'backers.

Anyway, next week is a nothing game for both teams.
the 'Smos have already said they will sit some starters, so it is a better opportunity to get Crandell some reps.
At the sametime, beating the 'Smos always feels good, and keeping any momentum on the road is also valuable.
As far as getting joseph hurt, or healed, I still think it will require either 6 months or surgery or both to fix the problem, so that really isn't that much of an issue.
and players and coaches worry less about that stuff than fans do.
In fact, the more you start to play in fear of injury, the more likely it is to occur.
So while I'd like to see Crandel for a half, if Danny doesn't go that way, no big deal.

Do two ugly wins make a nice win? Thank goodness our defense was stellar because our offense was absolutely useless in the second half. How many yards offense did we get in the second half? Did we even get to T.O’s side of half? Hope Danny tries to mix things up next week if the offense is sputtering!

well thanks rider nation for helping us blue bombers out in the east playoffs