Riders are Stupid

Why wouldn't they keep Durant in over Crandella? Do they want to go to 4-14? If thats not a QB controversy in the making I don't know what is?

hehehe. then I guess you don't what one is.

The coach has always been clear. Injuries do not cost a player his position. Period. Now, when the player comes back, if he does poorly, he will sit. But not until that time.

...not sure I'd call it a 'controversy'...it's more of a QB dilema on Miller's hands....Crandell started, won two, Durant started, won two...BigU is right, injuries shouldn't relegate your #1 to #2 simply because #2 was performing well in his backup position...it would become a 'controversy' if Marcus does not perform and Miller chooses to keep him in over Durant...

Crandell is the starter, Durant is the backup - both know their roles, and both play their roles as asked until Miller decides to reverse them. Miller has already shown he's not one to let a QB suffer for long - Jyles got the hook after a quarter - and Durant even said in interview that this is "Crandell's team."

Now, the comment shouldn't be so much "Riders are stupid" (very eloquent, btw) as "Perhaps Miller is giving Crandell an opportunity to prove he deserves the starting job"...


Go back into the archives. You will find Wally said the same thing in a BC Lion situation a few years ago. Does that make us stupid too?

Well IMO Durant is a QB and well Crandell is a lonesome body out there. The streak ends at 4 LOL.

Well rRW2005 they have to play Crandell, but if they don't score on the first two possessions, they have to yank him.

I would have to agree sporty Durant looks hot and well IMO you do not remove a hot hand. Besides Crandell might learn something that he really is only a back up.

Crandell has got it done before, and has earned his way to starter. Durant will probably be a better QB than Crandell can dream of being, but he hasnt paid his dues yet, and until Crandell fails, its his job. How can the riders be stupid, when they winning...duhhh

I was surprised Crandell even got the starting job.

swerv i am afraid everyone here is right. Crandell was the number one the riders made that clear, and he won football games. now durants job as a back up is to win football games when your starter is injured, and a backup should be able to play at the level of your starter. now if crandell comes back and flunks out hard the next 2 or 3 games, then you look at throwing durant in the reigns and seeing if he can do the job.

qb's contreversies start when a team signs or falls upon 2 all star qb's that bothare fighting to play. take bc with dickenson and printers a few years ago.

take bc with dickenson and printers a few years ago.
no thank you

latest word is that Durant will start as MC hammy is still acting up.


I agree with Swervyn Mervin...the Riders are stupid!!If the Riders were smart they'd be 7-0 now!!! :slight_smile:

I see you are us BC math! In reality they are 7 and 0 they have not lost a game in 7 Western semi, Semi, Grey Cup and 4 games this year. So I guess they are not stupid after all. Good under cover work there thrill!

u DO realize, DURANT IS STARTING this sunday.

its on tsn.ca/cfl

Yes, that was this afternoon after practice. Most posts in this thread were before that so they were based on different premises.

Instead of asking someone to back up their claims from now on, I think I am going to just ask, "Is Tate a fact?"

All your base are belong to us.

...someone set us up the bomb...