Riders are horrible

Riders suck out again, but whats new? sure they are my team but come on. the defense shit the bed the second half. congi pulled a paul. like look who they beat so far, montreal and calgary both horrible teams. the hype was good for awhile but it is gone now yet again

Don't break your ankles on your jump off the bandwagon.

The defense played a pretty decent overall game. They were stellar in the first half, but they got no breaks in the 3rd quarter because the Offense was 2 and out every time.

The offense is to blame for the past 2 losses, you can't go 2 and out and rely on your defense to hold the lead. If the offense puts together at least one half assed drive in the 3rd or 4th quarter we probably win this game.

And maybe it's me but I thought that Flicks offside was to close to call on Cates 70 yard run.

Two Big plays (non-plays) that killed us:
-Conji miss
-Cates 77 yard run that was called back

Signed up today just to bitch.....see ya 'round, ramsdell....then again, maybe not.....don't much want your kind 'round here anyway.....

Yeah I agree with you Dust. Our O F'd it up again in the 2nd half.I'am a little pissed :x but there's still a lot of Football to play.

flick was offside. sure the defense played the first half. but ray tore them up with short passes the whole second half. riders defense was lost.

See? That is a far more intelligent assessment.....lol

The first Eskimo possession was Ray picking our defense apart, after that they got the ball back so quick none of the guys could get rested. It's easy to sit here and say the defense sucked but our offense had like 20 yards in the 3rd quarter.

Yeah, think we're missing the fact that EDM did have some good plays in the 2nd half.And our O has to do more to give the D a rest, or their going to get tired and screw up.

all in all i know there is alot of football to be played but in reality just another blown season probably.

ok diehards.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in order to be a bandwagon fan don't you have to be a fan of a winning team? I live in Edmonton and you should have heard the fans up here last year. I guess they're back on said bandwagon.

Some of the Eskimo fans probably didn't know they were on a bandwagon until they finally had a bad season.

I don't know about you, but signing up on a message board to say the Riders are horrible isn't giving yourself a very good starting image.

Agreed.....and according to his most recent post, anyone who isn't with him is a diehard.....negative and generalizing....a charming combination.

That is so true Dust, re; Edmonton bandwagon, thats too funny.

The only difference between the offence and D was the defence made second half adjustments after being beat twice the offence NO. Richie Hall is the deserving head coach.

Kent Austin doesn't call the plays as far as I know. I think Ken Miller does, and im just lost as to what happened in that 2nd half, we had 1 great play and it was called back.

I am not prepared to say that the Rider defence $ucked. They were however outplayed by the Eskimo defence. Coming in to this game, the Riders lead the league in sacks. 0 tonight, to Edmonton's 4. The Eskimo D was relentless in the 4th quarter.

So we are 2 and 2 now. Is this foreshadowing for another 9-9 season? I mean this team consistently plays half a game, and half a season year in and year out, and I am personally getting sick of it. So perhaps the next home game, the riders charge half price for tickets, that way you may get what you pay for.

Man, I hate jackasses who join cfl.ca just to troll around...

Here is a message for RatsAss or w.e the jackass' name is: