Riders are going to go 10-8

Yes, that's right.

they'll beat B.C. to eliminate them... and then lose to the Esks at the end.

I hope its 11-7 but unless the coaching staff does amuch better job than they have been doing thus far I fear we may end up 9-9.

Agree, 9-9.

the Riders are toast.

9-9 is almost flattering considering that the Riders were outplayed in several of their wins this season. How do you lose 2 times to a 6-10 team and get blown out 32-2 by a 4-10 team?

Our coaching staff and GM all have their heads buried in the sand. All we get is more excuses.

Looks like a cleaning house is in order. Tillman and Austin would never tolerate such mediocrity

I may not be a great fan of our coaching staff at this point in time but one thing I have to give them credit for is they do not make excuses. Miller is the first guy to say that we lost because we didn’t play well and that the team didn’t play well because the coaching staff didn’t do its job getting the team ready for the game. So I don’t think it is fair to blast the coaching staff for making excuses for the lack of team performance.

yup but they fail to see where the changes are needed to be made, which isn't any better!

Perhaps Miller is not making excuses but actually believes it is the coaches that are causung the problem? The team is mostly the same players from last year. What changed was the coaching staff. Miller is honest, I’ll give him that.

good lord how can the coaching staff not get the team ready for a game at this point in the season? That sounds like an excuse to me!! If you aren’t prepared for a game by week 14 you might as well just forfeit the game and mail in the 2 points.

Everyone else seems to know what ails the team EXCEPT the coaching staff!!!

Our special teams continue to suck, our D-line can’t stop the run and our offensive playbook is um, OFFENSIVE!!! How many times can they hand off to Cates from the shotgun position with no gains do you have to get before the coaching staff clues in?

Opposing defenses can see what the Riders are going to do so why can’t the Riders coaching staff figure it out?

Daley, Barry and Taman are the most incompetent buffoons in the league!!!

9-9 is my end season prediction, Edmonton sneaks into playoffs, beats us loses to Calgary and I see a Calgary vs Hamilton Grey Cup. The End.