Riders are going to get emberrased.

Hello Rider fans. The final day of hope is almost upon us. Unfortunate for the Riders, the Esks are now operating with a running game. Considering we almost stole the show at Taylor field with just our passing game (no running, or FG kicker) it is not looking good for the Riders.

The chances for a Rider home game during the playoffs is now nothing more than a faint glimmer of hope.

But, good luck anyways!


I don’t mind saying that Hamilton really ticked me off with that trade…Now with Davis, that pretty much plugs up your only real weakness. I wouldn’t count us out yet, though…anything can happen in the CFL.

Sanchez is injured and so is Bradley! Anything can happen. Not too many teams run up the gut of the Riders defense should be interesting though.

Ok, all joking aside. It is going to be a very hard fought game. If it comes down to a field goal and flemming shanks it I'll be leading the lynch mob.

I think it's more likely the game will be decided by turnovers. If the Riders can force turnovers and capitalize on them, they have a much better chance. If they give up too many, it's lights out.

Not to burst anyone's bubble in Edmonton but the Riders have the best run defense in the league. We have shut down Davis in 4 consective games now, so if Ray leaves his passing game at home like he did the last two games it will be a long week in Edmonton after this game..

It's great that we've shut down Davis in those games, but it's a different team with different strategy and different skills. You can't assume Davis will be a player identical in Edmonton as he was in Hamilton. I predict he will cause headaches for us on Saturday.

Edmonton has a run strategy :?

Actually, according to the stats on this site Edmonton is 1st in 8/20 defensive categories compared to 4/20 for the RIders.

Edmonton is also ranked higher then the Riders defensively against the run in the following categories:

Fewest 1st Downs rushing - ESKS 1 Riders 5
Avrage yards rushing - ESKS 1 Riders 2
Avg gain per rush - ESKS 1 Riders 3
Fewest Yds net rushing - Esks 1 Riders 3

As you can see the Esks clearly have the best defense against the run and the Riders are ranked closer to 4th.

Just thought I'd clear that up.

Even prior to the trade, I wasn't so sure we'd do well going into Commonwealth. I know the last time we did, we did do okay, but still, I thought it was going to be close. Now that they have a running back and a better O-line, I'm even more worried.

Now, it might come down to scoring with them. We have given up lots of rushing yards at times this year, for no good reason. We're not the Argos obviously, but still, seeing Davis cut through their lines yesterday kinda made me think about this weekend.

I hope our offence can keep up.

If anyone is going to hurt the Riders it will be themselves. Davis ran over a 3-4 defence in Toronto. You are pretty much guaranteed 5 yards a run with the holes in the middle with that kind of defence. Edmontons o-line is no better than it was before because Ray was still on his back for alot of the game against 3 lineman. Edmonton better be hoping that their pass game is better this week than it has been. I think that it will be close game, and I am more worried about Hervey having a break out game than Davis.

Sheesh.....Hervey's back? What timing.....

I am not too concerned about edmonton. The only thing that i fear IF we lose is the constant bragging and nonstop boasting from canada's capital of showboaters, Edmonton. On the other hand IF we win it will be excuse after excuse after excuse. Either way for rider fans its a lose- lose situation. PFFFF home playoff game? Never heard of such a concept.

If the riders do not run they do not win. That is a proven fact all year. Now that Edmonton has a running game it should be a big win for the ESKS and they once again have soemthing that the Riders can only dream about, a home playoff game. My only real concern is the Sanchez injury, any one know if he will be back for the Rider game?

We didn't really run against BC, yet we won. hmmm??? your theory lacks credibility. Yes we rely on our run alot, but we can still win without it.

A lot of people still seem to think Sask has no air game. Have any of you guys watched any of the Riders' last 6 games?

Yeah - I saw the last one with three interceptions.....those are usually through the air, right??? :slight_smile:

Once we get dominguez back, we will have a very good air game. Thurmon is already impressing everyone and dominguez is awesome up there. As for the run, troy davis was going agains the team that is the worst against the run, i think edmontons o-line still has to prove that they can make those holes for troy davis. They are not going to move big nate so easily as toronto's d-line, but hey i could be wrong, we'll jsut have to wait and see! :lol:

Thurmon's been playing fairly well of late - now if we could get Bailey going, we'd be set. I'm pumped to get Matt back, though.....can't wait!

Even reading in the paper today (leaderpost), do not get your hopes up for Domingeuz until the playoffs. He has just started running some routes without cuts and at a slight jog with the practice squad.

Yes you are right that Edmonton needs to prove that they can run against a team that stops the run. As for your performace inthe BC game thank Wally and O'Mahonney for that one not a great passing game. When the riders can not run they can not win, and there are stats to back that up. Look at the games in July and August that you lost.