Riders are getting "Fleeced"

Too bad for us. We are losing many quality players to other teams. Congrats to the other teams for signing them. Overall, the Riders need to stop the bleeding and fast.

Other than two linebackers, what have we lost that is such a big deal?

BC cut/lost Wake, Logan, Floyd, Murphy, Roberts, Clermont and Williams and somehow the sun still managed to rise over Hemp Nation and as of last night, Wally hadn't worn the beads off of any rosaries.

Off-season player movement happens every year. We just aren't used to having anybody that somebody else would want.

I didn't like losing Scott Gordon. I don't have a real opinion on James Johnson, but I didn't like losing him to what looks like a dead end trade. The big thing is losing Mckenzie and Lloyd, that is huge for our defense. I haven't done a huge check, but I can't imagine we will be okay if we lose more quality players in this free agency period.

I guess a couple of players may not seem like a big deal, but it just feels like we are losing the heart of our defence, management is in chaos (sorry topic closed), and it feels like more is to come.

Fair or not, the general consensus among most Rider fans is that in the case of Scott Gordon - it's addition by subtraction. He may be a great guy and superb teammate, but on-field, he's a plodder. He gets caught shallow, and lacks the closing speed to make up for it, he takes bad tackling angles and if he gets there he sells out for big de-cleater hits that pan out about once a season (and last year I remember none), and the rest the receiver gets away as he failed to break down and just make the tackle, and he cannot cover man-to-man as he's too slow. He likely would not have kept his starting job last year had Tristan Clovis not gone off the rails, and Leron Mitchell broken his leg.

We're not worse off with Gordon gone.

With Johnson, he wasn't a starter last year already. We've got Kornegay and Patrick as 5-6 guys, and we need to develop a rookie in the secondary anyway - this allows us to do that in the 7-spot.

As for the rest of our free agents, who's left to worry about? Abou is a capable guy (I liked him, but those who know more than me say he was only adequate, nothing more), and we got a little younger with McGrath. Flick had a great 2007, but the jury's out over whether he'll ever be the same again, and even if he is, with Clermont, Fantuz, Dressler and Getzlaff, what would you do with him? McCullough is signed, I don't know what else we've got left, but I can't imagine anything that would leave us weeping if they left.

So we've got two all-star linebackers to replace - well, one, since Rey will play the Mack. This is hardly insurmountable, and, in fact, exactly where we were last year, and some unknown kid named McKenzie turned out okay.

Wow... it wasn't until this post that it really dawned on me how bad the off-season has been for the Lions. Yikes. Riders fans definitely can't complain.

Add Jamall Johnson and now Matt Kirk to the list of BC deserters. Tough hole for Anton to fill by himself.

Lions have lost so many players, Wally sent me a one year contract to look over! 8) 8) 8)

Is Cam Hall a free agent? Maybe we'll see the Lions go after him...