Riders Are Fantastic!!!

The Riders' ticket sales are an awesome sign of support. The team quite possibly be sold out till the playoffs if not already!
Who has tix for these upcoming games?
Who is labour day bound?
How fast will the home playoff game sell out? (knocking on wood)

7-2 after labour day for sure. I have never been so sure about a Labour day win in my life.

Green is the colour, Football is the game.
We're all together, and winning is our aim.
We will WIN through the sun and rain.

Just imagine, with the SMS and the improved ticket sales they should stand to make a solid profit this year.

I mean we spent 700,000 more last year, ticket sales are up a couple thousand per game, and we broke even last year.

[dream]Need to start saving for our state of the art stadium[/dream]

Reduced expenditures, increased revenues, a home play-off game (if I haven't just jinxed us) should add to up to a tidy little profit.
Currently the plans are to spend upwards of 172 million dollars on various projects to improve Exhibition park.
It only seems logical to plan major upgrades for the Taylor Field area as well.
For me that means a new ball park.

I'm 100% with on that one, Dusty!!

I wonder if they can do expand to include more permanent seating in the end zones-- it seems like the most likely place to expand without too much hassle.

I believe there is a plan to increase the endzone seating slightly, but not very much.
Hopson completely ruled out any temporary seating for this year, as the cost to install and maintian balances out any revenues, and that assumes you can even sell the seats.
But for now, what you se is what you get.

The seats below the Maxtron are complete garbage right now anyways. Last game was a sellout but those were mostly empty still, im not even sure if they can see over the ads that line the field from there :wink: At least they moved the armchair quarterback people up to respectable seats where you can actually see the field of play.

I thought they were building team offices behind the maxtron endzone as part of the upgrades?