Riders are considering capping Season Ticket sales

23,000 season tix sold already, Hopson says they may cap at 25K in order to keep a few back for game day sales.

Sounds like another year where there's zero blackouts, and mad scrambles for game days! Ahh well, the kids like the family zone anyway. :lol:

I think if you can sell out every seat via season tickets you do it. End of story.

Hopson is very smart. With todays statement he will probably set some kind of record for season ticket sales. Very smart! :smiley:

nah u gotta cap the sales at some point just cuz well, like myself in wpg here.. i cant go to all games, 1 i have a cabin (with a satelite dish thank god) and 2. i work some of the games so u know, i get like mini packs or just not even and just buy on game day if i can attend.

i generally make it out to about 6 or 7 games a year (including pre-season), just some games just dont work at all for me, just how it is in alot of places.

that is pretty impressive tho considering its only march.

They shouldnt cap tickets. Why you not take money hahaha? If they did sell all seats as season tix, that would definitely look as though we need a new stadium to for extra space :thup: :slight_smile:

I agree, and to add to this, by creating a feeding frenzy with season tix, demand will be huge and sales complete before the first snap.

Problem is scalpers will also have a bonanza.

Part of a free market. Im all for that too.

Not everyone can make every game due to work or family circumstances.Allowing only season ticket holders and keeping everyone else out is dumb.The cap sounds like a good idea, either way you guys will still sell out like every game.

How is that allowing only season tickets? If the demand is there, let it go until the supply runs out.

They have to cap tickets because they give out compelmentary seats to organizations such as Regina Minor Football, Sask. Indian gaming authority when they sponsor a game, and so on. Where will they draw these seats from if they do not cap season ticket sales.

25000 season ticket holders means that there is just a little over 5000 seats available for every game (if they bring back temp seating). The only thing that is going to be available this season is endzone seats.

Capping the season tickets is smart. Obviously there's no guarantee you sell out every single game, but on the other hand you're still catering to the casual fan who can't make every game, and single game tickets sell for a premium in comparison to season tickets. If the stadium was sold out with season tickets, there'd be no demand throughout the year, so you're advertising to the same 30,000 every game.

And the other positive note is that by capping tix, it says that the Riders HAVE met their fiscal minimum thresholds for the 2010 year (which was a given anyway), and realize this before the first snap. It's a billion times easier to manage your operations when you have a firm knowledge of your guaranteed revenues, versus "what they might be". Especially if you're a team whose revenues are only as good as the last game you played, you get slaughtered on the field; you get slaughtered at the ticket office next game. I only WISH I could operate my business like this Rider season, instead of speculating on what kind of year I "MIGHT" have. By saying 25K, they are saying we are comfortable financially, even if we don't sell another seat.

Do they still sell Ivory backscratchers?