Riders aquire Odell Willis from Bombers

Wow, well for the Rider fans who were complaining Taman didn't get a D-End well here you go!

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/riders-acquire-all-star-odell-willis-from-winnipeg]http://www.riderville.com/article/rider ... m-winnipeg[/url]

...does he get to bring his tweeter device along?

Is he still the mayor ? I'll tweet him and ask him.

4 black berries, 7 iPhones and a iPad 3 all packaged up with sasktel :rockin: lol

All Tweet jokes aside this is a huge pick up for Riders, we have been signing a lot of import players but having Willis who has CFL experience is huge for our youn defense !!

....probably, he's just changing villes after all

...there you go, HfxTC, he does remain the mayor, the article says so

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/riders-acquire-all-star-willis-from-bombers]http://www.cfl.ca/article/riders-acquir ... om-bombers[/url]

Haha !

he should start off as a councilman and then seek election after 2012... :lol:

Does this mean Swaggerville is dead? Please tell me that Swaggerville is dead...

(I'm also happy that he didn't go to another non-Ticat Eastern team... :slight_smile: )

Interesting article in the Winnipeg Sun. Willis asked for his release to try his luck south of the border. http://winnipegsun.com/2012/03/22/bombe ... -to-riders

And Swaggerville is far from dead.

Excellent trade for Winnipeg; whenever you receive a secound round-8th player- and 4 fourth round-23rd player- in the upcoming draft, for a player who's time was over in Winnipeg, is very good.


No kidding. And a conditional pick in 2013, too, if I have it correct. I think Winnipeg fleeced Saskatchewan on this trade.

Well, you paint yourself in a corner like Taman has spent the past 2 years doing, you have to be willing to take 'personality' with the talent.

I don't think the price was that bad either,although let's not kid ourselves, not likely that he'll stay more than a year. I believe he is FA next Feb.

Swaggerville ain't even Willis' doing he just jumped on board and tried to steal the idea which kinda worked for him..

Swaggerville started in 2007 with Jovon Johnson and Lenny Walls as the 2 main guys hefney, logan and a few others were added on after training camp so the main guys are kicking around and its a DB thing Doug Brown said it last year in a interview when swaggerville was taking off... said something along the lines when reporter asked if he was apart of the whole thing "its a DB thing we'll let em do there shenanigans and have fun whatever works right!"

Lots of fans shiatting bricks in the Riderfans forum over this trade. I can't blame them. Had Taman negotiated an extension with Odette before signing the trade form might have bee easyer to swallow.

Ya it's a tough trade to swallow for me, because if we don't get him re-signed, its more like a loan. But if he does get re-signed, then it's not too terrible. It will just suck if any of those picks we traded away turn out to be starters in the near future, and Odell ditches us. Someone on that sight had posted all of our second round picks in the last like 4 years or so, and I think maybe one or two is still with the team or something, but this is a deep draft too.

SWAG SWAG, one less reason to hate the Bombers, one more reason to hate the Riders. This is a great deal for the Bombers. They get rid of an over-rated loudmouth and get the 8th overall pick in what I think is a strong draft.

Joe Mack got almost as much for Willis as Tillman got for Ray. Wow... I wonder what pick he get's from the Riders if Odell extends...

Winnipeg finally makes a decent move this off season. 1D Willis is the most one dimensional player in the CFL. Watch how many times he loses contain because he's rushed so far up field that he's taken himself completely out of the play. Zero ability against the run. 1D Willis is the CFL equivalent of what Phil Kessel is to the NHL.

difference is Willis and the Bombers made it to the playoffs. Kessel and the Leafs who were on track for that accomplishment a month ago are now in the hunt for the first overall draft pick :wink: