Riders announce they will hold a practice in Humboldt

[b]The #Riders announce they’ll practice at Glenn Hall Park football field in Humboldt on June 3rd from 12-1pm with a bbq planned for the community.

The Riders will also release details that day of their #HumboldtStrong game June 30th, when they host the Alouettes. #cfl[/b]

...any other province/team and I'd be wary it was a marketing ploy, but I'm pretty sure the folks in central Sask have heard of the Roughriders haha...good for the team to support in this way...

Been waiting for this one to come out. Club has been both a shoulder for Broncos and a voice of encouragement when many involved just want to shrink away. This isn't about raising funds or PR. This is about a sports team boosting another sports team in effort to drive the energy and passion to move forward by re-establishing the drawing of a community that sports can have a special ability to do.

well, even the green snot can do great things every once and a while.

good on them!

I don’t think you fully understand the incredible sense of community here. The province always pulls together, good or bad - including the Riders. It’s just how it’s done.

Others questioning it only means they don’t understand it. #HumboldtStrong

Although I've never lived there I my impression is exactly that Iconic. Watching a CFL game from Mosaic is simply a pleasure to watch to feel real Canadian in the most positive sense despite the fact that Rider fans can be annoying to watch of course watching them have so much fun when they are winning. :wink:

They don't need to hold a practice in Humboldt as a marketing ploy at all.

...born there, lived there, have a lot a family still there (one cousin is 43kms from Humboldt)...no need to lecture, you misread my post...i said 'any other team/province and it would be a marketing ploy'...sheesh...