Riders announce Harris to undergo surgery for knee injury

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be without quarterback Trevor Harris for the foreseeable future. The club announced on Sunday that Harris sustained a tibial plateau fracture of his right knee midway through the fourth quarter of their game against the Calgary Stampeders. The Roughriders confirmed that Harris, 37, will undergo surgery in Regina.

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Never rains but what it pours, another one down. Bad news.

5 games in and its back to square one in the rebuild for the riders

I like Harris but just dont see how he returns to form.given he will be 38 when ready next to return next year

I do see Harris as head coach material and hope.he makes that tranaition with the riders .

This may be a blessing in the end as Harris was only ever a 2-3 year plan and the riders needed to start developing a new young QB. The Riders have relied on free angency veterans instead of developing their own

For ever 1 Zack there is 9 other steuggling vets who normally turn out to be a few years.bandaid before the team starts again

This gives the riders a good run with Fine as QB to build around him and let him play … good or bad

One thing for sure the best the ridees will finish now id 4th in the west and would have to sweep Ottawa to have q chance at the cross over

Only BC , Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.still using the QB they started with…

brutal. i hope he can make a comeback. good luck to him.

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Well with the way the QB’s are falling like dominoes all across the league give it some time . The way this year is turning out it’s looking like it’s open season on QB’s all around . Starters , second stringers , third stringers it doesn’t matter it seems like they all have a target on their back .

I just heard about Harris, what a shame, feel very bad for him, He had some great years when he was in Ottawa. Good luck with the rehab sir, This is one tough year to play Q.B. man.

Who do you get as a temporary third QB? No one will believe that they’ll stay on after Harris comes back or Saskatchewan gets rid of Fine or Paterson and keeps the temp.

Jake Dolegala

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Don’t need one. Riders started the season with 4 QBs.
We still have Fine, Patterson, and Dolegala.

I figure you are not a Stampeder fan but they do play in this league and are still with QB Jake Maier. And Edmonton still have QB Cornelius as their starter . Both are Alberta Teams and Alberta is still Canadian.

Hope Harris can return to form, but given his age I sure don’t want to see him rushed back this season. Likely his best chance at a comeback is to patiently rehab over the offseason.
Opportunity knocks again for Fine, though he didn’t do much with the ones he had last year. Personally I like Dolegala over Fine, and if our OL woes continue we may well see him before long.

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I did miss Calgary , elks have switched it up and may continue

And not once did I suggest the Alberta teams are not in or part of Canada ……

In fact I clearly said I suspect the riders would do no better than 4th in the west …. Spoiler alert …. It’s the elks that will battle them for 4th or 5th

Winnipeg Bc and the stamps will round out the top 3

This injury is a game changer for the Riders. Being a Ti-Cat fan I have lived through a lot of QB injuries - Collaros, Masoli, Evans, Mitchell. Having your #1 out make the rest of the season that much tougher. I wish Harris all the best.

We remember all to well when Darian Durant went down with season ending injuries

Few CFL trams.have backups that are capable out of the gate to takr over.

I dont think its a lack.of talent vs reluctance to activley mentore back ups to be more capable in such cases

You referenced all the teams that still have original Starter QBs (BC, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal)

Hamilton, Ottawa and Riders QBs are injured sadly which everyone knows but

By omitting both Alberta Teams (with their Starters ) the implication was that Alberta Teams do not exist.

Some people are so jealous of Alberta (especially Sask) that they ignore Alberta as relevant

I aded it was an error omitting calgary … edmonton has started switching up.starters and will.comtinue id suspect

I bleed rider green , grew up there but left.when I joined.the forces and never went back ( to live) after getting out

I agree not putting Jake on the list he’s clearly not a starting quarterback

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

My opinion counts just as much as anyone’s

This is not an opinion however

The definition of a “STARTING QB” is a player who the HC of a team designates to start a game

The HC (Dave Dickenson) is a well established HC with many victories under his belt and paid to make

The necessary decision before, after and during a game

I have not seen any other player , other than Jake Maier start any game THIS SEASON as the Stampeder QB

And I have watched every game. By definition (and decision of the Stamps HC) Jake is THE Stampeder STARTER QB.

The definition of a player who does not meet or exceed the huge or unrealistic expatiations of a fan (or some fans)

Is not the definition of a “STARTER”, and since fans do not determine where a player sits on the game depth chart

Your opinion is just your opinion. It carries no weight in the realm of things. As I said Dave Dickenson’s opinion does

In defense of Jake Maier…. He has only played 5 games this season. A QB like (2018) Bo Levi had many years under his

Belt before he helped the Stamps as QB to win the Grey cup. He also had many game losses before then.

To be fair few true rookie QB’s come into the league and light it up the first couple of years as the starter

Maier does show steady improvement and skill … but he does look like the stamps future

Edmontons Cornelius so far has not shown the same level of improvement and skills. He has shown a few flashes of skill that are good but not consistent and not building in it each game

The Riders are about to find out what the upside of Fine is and if each game sees steady improvement, or will it be hit and cold like Cornelius

Ottawa may have accidentally backed into their new starter …. Here’s hoping Crum continues to improve each game


The guy admitted he missed one, and gave a reason for not mentioning the other. Not everything is meant as a slight.

Let it go, dude.