Riders announce 2022 football operations, coaching staff

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced that offensive coordinator Jason Maas, defensive coordinator Jason Shivers and assistant general manager Paul Jones, have signed extensions with the club through the 2023 season.

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Craig Reynolds, Jeremy O'day and Coach Dickenson offer good leadership. Stability in the CFL is needed. Hopefully teams like Edmonton and Ottawa can get some of that this year. I think the Elks will with Jones at the helm and Geroy Simon. Redblacks...I guess time will tell.

Yeah, the Riders have a good bunch who've mostly been together since Jones left. Very likeable.
The Elk seem to be moving in the right direction. Unlike last year which was a complete mess, Jones is very organized & focused. You know the defence is likely going to be good & McAdoo, despite being a lightning rod for criticism, has a record of working well with young QB's. He took Reilly in his 2nd year as starter to stardom & GC MVP & winner. Nobody had more success with Franklin & Bridge. Under him Fajardo was West MOP. So, I expect if they go with Arbuckle he will get the most out of him. And, right on "CUI" (pun intended), they hire an uber qualified guy from Edmonton as President. Arrow looks to be trending up in Edmonton.
Likewise the REDBLACKS look to be on the road back. Keeping LaPolice & crew around to build the team is a good idea. Burke has good credentials coming out of Hamilton. They should end up with a good veteran QB in free agency. I believe the 3 non-playoff teams will be extremely active in free agency. BC (with the Reilly contract gone), Ottawa & Edmonton all have CAP space to burn.

Excellent… now please re-sign more core players (Duke, Powell, Micah, Purifoy, etc.).