Riders and TiCats

You only need to score more than your opponents; and those three points in the second half were exactly three more than the Riders. The O did a decent job, particularly Cobb, but that win belonged to the D, no question.
Rider receivers dropped a lot of passes when Durant was in. Guys you don't expect that from, like Bagg and Fantuz, had passes slip through their hands. Then when Jyles went in, the receivers seemed to pick up their game, and I started to get nervous. But then the D stepped up again and got the job done.
Great game, Ticats! Keep it up! Just four more games to go. :rockin:

It might of been the worst offensive performance of the year, and i sure wouldnt call it dropped passes.

Most of the passes i saw were off target.

Brutal, but didnt really mean much.

Sounds like a scared Bomber fan to me!!

I dont think the riders could have played any worse.

If Im a ticat fan i take it as a gift.

Uh huh

Dont take me wrong, full credit, but that wasnt close to playing a desparate team.

it clearly was not the same team that tied Calgary and Beat BC the last two weeks.. they came out as if they had forgotten their purpose.

the Cats would not have won if the Riders from last week or the week before had shown up.

So.. a team battling for 1st place and home field advantage in the West final is not a desperate team??

half the distance, who won last time the Bombers played the pusy cats? :wink:

That game has no bearing on first.

:lol: Not scared. Just want you guys to get your heads out of the clouds so you're not hurting too bad after the Bombers wup your rears on Nov 8. :lol:

You mean like the Al's will do to you tommorrow? :lol:

Not quite sure what the hell last game has to do with anything

and I reiterate..........................................uh huh

LOL! Incredible

And he was lauging at the Eskimos :lol:

I love how it's Saskatchewan's fault. It's not that Hamilton outplayed them. Nooo! According to him, the Riders should probably go 18-0 every season... provided they "actually show up" for every game. :roll: :lol:

Believe what you want. Time will tell all.

oh come on.. you honestly think that if the Riders had played the same way they played the last few weeks that Hamilton would have won??? get real!

Maybe they didn't play the same way they did last week because Hamilton's defence is good. Ever think of that? Course not!

the truth...

Their Oline got owned as bad as any I've seen all year After 5 or 6 sacks Durant was playing scared. Wes Cates is not the same guy since his injury and Congi suks...The Riders are Average and Inconsistant. They are brave in front of their big noisy crowd, on the road very average, their record in their division is no better than the Lions and a hair better than the Eskimos. When you factor in that BC is on their 4th QB this year, the Riders are a very average team. \

The way the Ticats and Bombers are playing in the last month they are as good as any teams in the West. If you factor out Toronto we have parity across the board.