Riders and TiCats

I’ll probably run it until the Riders win their next Grey Cup, which will probably be sometime in the 2030’s…They win it about once every 20 years, right?

WOW... Riders DOMINATED by the Cats..... great game by both the D and the O.... simply a perfect game by the Cats...... Bombers HAVE to be worried now!!
Cats peaking at the right time!!!

ya ok buddy.... :roll:

we have a better shot of winning it than you do this year..

If Bellefeuille keeps this up he could get COTY.

He should definitely be getting the go ahead nod...... he has the Cats playing well right now!!

Totally agree.

Bellefeuille has done WAY more for the Cat's this year then Trestman has with Montreal.

It wouldn't have mattered who the Riders had playing for them today - the Cats flat-out owned them, all over the field.

Tsk, tsk, you peed yourself for nothing... :lol:

Awesome game Ti-Cats. You handed us our *ss to us on a silver platter. Good luck on your quest for that home playoff game.

Yeah...good luck with that... :lol:

Nice job, Ti-Cats. Great win, flawless play. Love all the sacks & turnovers. All in all a great job by the entire Ti-Cat team and coaching staff.

Great game by the Ticats, all around terrible game by the Riders. I would have thought the Riders would have the advantage playing in those conditions but it wasn't even close.

Convenient to see certain people post in this thread.

The Ticats defense played well although the Riders offense helped a lot too with all the turnovers and dropped passes. I think you Ticat fans need to keep things in perspective though. Your team played a pretty good game but not fantastic. They were only able to score 3 points in the second half after all.

This is going to be a tough night for Rider fans as they watch the Lions-Stamps games. I guess you guys are hoping for a Stamps win tonight and then try to beat them by more than 8 next week to get first place. I think if the Lions win out and the Riders lose to the Stamps then it's 3rd place for the Riders.

Indeed, I think I am cheering for Calgary for the 1st time this year. The Riders need only a win next week, doesn't have to be by 8 points as they are 1-0-1 against Calgary.

Ooops. My bad. I was looking at the pre-season score instead of the regular season game (talk about a brain cramp!).

Congratulations you successfully meet all the requirements to QB the Bombers this year :wink: Kidding of course, honest mistake.

rider fans are defensive today... if the stamps win tonight, they just need a tie next week to win first. awesome.
if they lose, they need a full out win to get first. very interesting. Wally always has a good QB system. his fourth is better then the sask first. i think thats rad.

All I can say is GO STAMPS GO!!!
We need a BC loss to make the Cat's chances of making the playoffs nearly a sure thing. A Stamps win and the only thing that could stop us is 2 Winnipeg wins in a row and a BC-EDM tie.

There are some Rider fans that are always defensive, always the same people. I would hesitate to call any of BC's quarterbacks better than the Rider's 1st stringer, hard to tell though as they can't stay healthy long enough to get a good read on em.

touche' . any Qb can have a good night here or there i spose. to play every game, stay healthy... thats a great QB. tough one for durrant today. not all his fault though. some drops shoulda been caught. like always. to think, cates could be the only running back(starting) to not make 1000 yards. talk about a stat you dont want to have. like nik lewis... could be the only 1000 yard reciever to not get a touchdown.