Riders and TiCats

GO TICATS!!! :rockin:

Looking good TiCats!!!!

Kinda silent in riderville....riders must getting spanked lol

not much better then watching the riders get their butts kicked.

yeah we didn't bother to show up today, Durant left his brain at home and we're stinking.

Black sucks, again.. he needs to be taken off the TSN broadcasting crew..

How about when the Lions hand it to them in the playoffs?

:oops: :oops: :oops: ...more of those to likely come in the second half :(

Prettty decent game so far...... unless you're a Rider fan... the Cats look awesome today!!

getting a little ahead of yourselves are we??

still have to beat Calgary or B.C. next week to even think about playing the Riders....

Durant looks about as good as Kerwin Bell today. Maybe we should lend the Riders Lulay or Champion, our 5th and 6th QBs

26 passing yards at the half… nuff said!!

25 actually :lol:

Ford is a little sensitive about that loss.

I'm lovin' this game so far. Ti-Cats are my second favourite team, and the spanking they're giving the Riders now is a beautiful thing to see.

And another turnover for the Ti-Cats...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, no turnover, but at least they missed the field goal. :rockin:

Durant is sucking today big time. Too bad he didn't play this bad last week, otherwise we would have kicked the Rider's collective asses.


i stand corrected i knew the cats were a good team this year , never thought the riders would not show up in hamilton today......... good on ya cats......... :rockin:

im glad glen became a starter again this year

DD with 62 yards...... DOMINATED!!!!!

Should be great games between Hamilton and Winnipeg and Edmonton vs BC next week

If the Cats play like this next week... I pity the Bummers...... oh who am I kidding.. NO I DON'T....lol

GO CATS!!!!!

we'll see how much he lets his mouth flap after the Stamps win tonight...