Riders and their cheating allegations..

Some big news out of Ridertown the last couple days..

Started with this tweet from Bo Levi Mitchell, responding to the Riders tweet about signing 6 new players:
"I bet none of the people they signed needed flights .."

What he meant by this, is that the Riders are keeping players around, off of the roster. This was later confirmed here by Darrel Davis:

Bo Levi Mitchell is right.

The Calgary Stampeders quarterback has insinuated through social media, that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing fast and loose with CFL roster guidelines. Bo knows what’s happening.

According to a Roughriders source, the team regularly has up to 95 players in its stable. That’s more than two full game-day rosters.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/08/10/bo-knows-sources-say-riders-utilizing-many-95-players/]http://3downnation.com/2016/08/10/bo-kn ... 5-players/[/url]

Honestly, I'm not that surprised. The Riders regularly bend the rules (over salary cap in GC win vs us, Ratio issues last week, long practices, etc.)

Naturally the Riders fan reaction is to attack BLM. Their claim is that his $320,000 salary is too low, and therefore he must be getting money under the table. :roll:


If any team would be able to pull it off financially speaking, it'd be the Riders. I am not sure if they are or not, definitely wouldn't put it past them...this is the same team who poached a coach prior to the Grey Cup game that said coach was coaching in. If they are...well better start bringing in the rest of the guys hiding around Regina because whatever Jones master plan is it ain't working at the moment.

I didn't really understand what Bo Levi was accusing them of at first, but if it is true than Riders can go f*** themsevlves because it seems they like to think they're above the league rules because of how much money they make.

I don't imagine the Riders are the first, nor will they be the last, to bend or break the import, ratio, roster or cap rules. How about the IR lists? Bede down in Montreal is suddenly injured and on the 6 gamer? And how did Montreal keep all those high paid veterns for so many consecutive years? Cox, Boman, Cavillo when he was playing, Green, Pringle etc, etc. If they were not paying under the table, those fellows were surely underestimating their worth in the CFL.

I suppose it is good on Mitchell for speaking up, but can't imagine that the CFL, the owners, or the CFLPA are particularly happy with the conversations.

Hell no, the league must be seething at the mouth that Bo Levi went ahead and made a farce over these rules, because nobody really follows them.

But having a whole other roster hidden in the city - they accused the Riders of having something like 95 players in the area, many who are not on the roster but for some reason just hanging out in the exciting city of Regina - that's a bit different I feel. All the injury non-sense is a joke because we all know what's going on when a perfectly healthy human all of a sudden is on the one game injury list with an undisclosed injury yet still practicing...but that is so hard for the league to police without having medicals done every week or something along those lines, I don't see a problem with allowing that to continue, at least you can see all the guys names on the roster, they aren't "hiding" per se unlike what Jones is being accused of.

Really don't know how the league is going to handle this, but I would not be surprised if Bo Levi gets slapped with a fine.

Bit of a side note not really but for some reason I guess cause I am still relatively young and naive, I never even thought that the CFL would be paying guys under the table, now that I've read that and combined it with what I've learned in my short time on earth, it makes way to much sense I just didn't think teams had the money to be doing this but the owners definitely do in most cases, is there any proof of this ever happening or convincing rumours?

Mitchell is right. The Riders are cheating. I'm sure the players the Riders are "hiding" have friends who play on other teams. And with friends connected by social media so much nowadays, did Chris Jones actually think he could keep this whole thing a secret?

I think Jones has a God complex. He thinks Orridge has no authority over him. If I were Orridge, I would strip the Riders of first round draft picks for the next three years, and also suspend Jones from coaching for the next three regular season games. Fining the Riders means nothing, because they have tons of cash.

Jones thinks he is bigger than the league, and can do whatever he wants. He needs to be taught a lesson.

Maybe they want to prove the allegations first?

The headline as written ("Riders and their cheating allegations") means that the Riders are making allegations, rather than being the subject of allegations. It would be great if someone could fix it to something like "Riders alleged to be cheating" or "Riders accused of cheating".

You don't think every team has players hanging around town in case of injury? come on.

That's absurd.

Do you think every team is hiding an entire second team of players secretly? That's what the Riders are doing. No other team in the league is doing this.

The cheating Riders have been fined $60,000 and had $26,000 lopped off their salary cap for this season.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/11/riders-face-fine-salary-cap-deduction-roster-violations/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/08/11/riders-fac ... iolations/[/url]
TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has released the following statement:

The CFL today levied a $60,000 fine against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as well as a deduction in excess of $26,000 off the Roughriders’ 2016 salary cap.

This decision was made after Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge and the CFL completed a thorough investigation, spanning several weeks, of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ alleged roster violations. The investigation included CFL officials visiting team practices in Regina.

After a review of the findings, it has been determined that the Saskatchewan Roughriders were in violation of policies which prohibit practicing with ineligible players, players participating in practice who are on the 6-Game Injured List and having free agents practice with players who are under contact.

Each of these actions constitute a violation of CFL bylaws.

“As Commissioner, I am compelled to make decisions consistent with protecting the competitive balance within our League, the spirit of our rules and the integrity of our game. The recent conduct, behaviour and activities of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have compromised the reputation of the CFL.?

– CFL Commissioner, Jeffrey L. Orridge.

Jones is nothing but a sleazebag coach.....with too many indiscretions to mention. Nothing surprises me with his "win at all costs" philosophy. He's in the perfect place for me. A coach I can't stand coaching a team I can't stand. I hope the Riders hold on to last place in the West for many years to come!!!!

These two punishments mean nothing to a team with million of dollars in the bank.

Man, BillyDee87 was right. This board cares too much about grammar and pointless things. Who cares? Reading the post makes it abundantly clear whats being discussed.

A slap on the wrist.. to do some quick math.. $26,000 is 0.5% of the salary cap.. Not even the minimum salary of a single roster player. And when they're already ignoring the cap anyways, it's kind of dumb to punish them against the cap.

The Phrase is "Taxi Squads".

The Bombers were famous for it, had an apartment building just about stacked with back-up players a couple decades ago...if local businesses "employed" them in that period, it wasn't terribly illegal (though bringing Internationals into Canada is now more difficult!)(Unless you are Syrian?)

If Jim Popp can run off at the face like a soup sandwich about "his" team and threaten to replace each or any of them, don't you figure he has a little 'stable' of players quietly waiting their chances, and reasonably local?

Would like a game against Calgary, at THF, where Chick and Tracey just clean his clock (No injuries, mind you) and knock him off his high horse.

I don't understand everyone saying "everyone does it". The Riders were so egregious with it, that is the issue here. Total lack of respect for the rules. Some teams may "bend the rules" by working guys out a couple days, but they're surely not keeping players employed, without reporting it. I was at Ticat practice on Monday.. They seemed to be able to follow the rules, everyone accounted for, only 1 player not on roster practicing (Sermons was having his workout, and was signed shortly after). Evan Gill was out working on some rehab (alone, not practicing). Everything seemed pretty normal and by the rules. I think that is the main issue.

I read a good analogy.. This is like holding.. happens on every play, but only a penalty when its flagrant. If all teams are doing it, and to the same extent, its not as big an issue. When the richest team in the league is doing it, and keeping nearly a full second roster around, thats when it becomes an issue.

I agree with you! I suspect that most teams do keep a few players on their IL lists (1 and 6 game) who may not really be injured (Bede e.g. who seems to need to get his mojo back or an extra QB) but having as many non-roster players practising with the team as well as players who are "supposedly" injured enough to be on the 6 game IL is clearly more than just bending the rules a bit.

Ticats pulled Collaros off the 6 game early so that he could begin to practice and get ready to play, absorbing the full cap implications of his salary as a result, even though he missed a full 6 games (playing). They were totally transparent and above board with that. Some of Jones' "severely" injured players have been practising with the team while their salaries are not counting against the cap. Will anyone be surprised if the Riders are over the cap AGAIN this season - a cap that they asked for I might add when they didn't have piles of $$$ to throw around and were financially strapped. Jones "winning at all costs" attitude is hurting the integrity of the league .

I wasn’t nitpicking about typos or nuances: your subject line literally had a completely different meaning from what you intended. It’s not my fault that “you can’t English”, as the kids say.

By your logic, nobody should complain if I make a post about the performance of our cornerbacks with the subject line “Tuna very walk umbrella”. All people have to do to understand what it’s about is read the post, right?

And I agree with tabbiefanmcb - Jones "winning at all costs" attitude is hurting the integrity of the league. Wonder if there was anything he did to win at all costs when he was with EE?

Let's not forget that this is the same Chris Jones who walked out on a signed, valid contract in Calgary to go to Toronto. If his signature has no honour, then I imagine the rest of him would not be much different.

He's probably an advocate of the saying.."if you're not cheating ..then you're not trying hard"