Riders and Stamps prediction

If Riders dont win 5 and 1 is still a great start. Calgary is good. Playing at home. 3 or 4 extra days of rest. Riders have won some close games even with injuries each week. But I think this. Losing Fantuz and January and James Johnson last week is to much. Stamps win this game.

Calgary 30 Riders 20

I predict a high scoring affair. Riders 38 Stamps 24 !!!

It's what my CFL sim game told me.

When the Riders play the Stamps in Calgary home field dosen't even matter, because theres just as much green as there is red in the stands.

Riders - 34

Stamps - 31

Mike Saunders was talking about road games. He asked me this. Would you rather sleep in your on room? Or sleep in room with a player who snores?

Playing on the road is not the same as playing at Taylor field.

I love the rider, but can’t see them winning this week. With all the injuries and great depth it has to catch up to the team sooner or later. I do think the riders will get back player next week and have agood showing at home.

To many injuries for the Riders = a Calgary win and i have a feeling it wont even be close :frowning:

Riders still have Wes Cates, and an outstanding defence with vets like Eddie Davis and Omar Morgan. Riders will win 34 to 27.

I’m confident the Riders will put up around 30 points…Can our D control Hank? Face it we won’t stop them, we just have to limit their big plays and force them into FG’s. They are going to put up points against us. Hank has to have an off game and Cates will have to run hard and be around 200-220 yards from the LOS. I Love Wes and I love our D but we need serious pressure and a couple turnovers and maybe another technicality to steal this one tonight :slight_smile:

But all things considered, I’ll say Calgary 41 Riders 27.

Who is replacing Johnson on the corner?

Patrick, I believe.

Well I won't stick my neck out......I called Winnipeg to win last night after all (waiter, may I please have some bacon with my order of crow?).

But I will say this. With Calgary being the home team, and with all the injuries the Riders have, I'd be tempted to lay odds on Calgary.

However, with that said..........I think I would be reluctant to bet against any team that has Richie Hall running the defence. The guy's a genius, I'd say he is heads and shoulders the best defensive coordinator in the CFL.

...if I were the betting type, my cash would be on Calgary...hopefully I'm wrong...

Calgary will win without a doubt. I think the score will be calgary 38, saskatchewan 17.

Riders by at least 3. Why? Because Hank will make one or two mistakes that will cost the Stamps and because the Stamps defensive backfield is about as solid as swiss cheese. While the Riders would be more explosive with their regular receivers all in, I fully expect Dominguez to have a monster game.

Riders by 3, or less...Luca kicks the winner to keep the streak alive!! Rider faithful at McMahon will be a HUGE boost for the team!!

Any word on whether or not Weston Dressler will be playing this game?

Dressler's a definite NO!!

Ya Miller said one more week. Darn.

all the injuries, Crandell needs to show his vetran leadership make smart reads, game almost on, only minutes away enjoy the game and hopefully its 6 and 0 :slight_smile:

Geez... I know the Riders have lost some key players, but come on... To say they'll lose tonight because of injuries is a bit of a cop out.

They still have Cates. And this Bowman kid is supposed to be good. With the injury to Fantuz, this is his time to step up and have a great game.