Riders and Stamps deserve a salute!!


soory for the late reply regarding the Riders vs. Stamps game. I was away on some sad family business.

The Stamps deserve full credit to come into Regina and steal a win. The Riders, on the other hand, with adversity piling up against them, also deserve a salute for making a remarkable fourth quarter comeback just falling short! The Rider fans were thrilled by your effort despite the odds. Great game by two good teams.


Saskatchewan Roughriders - Grey Cup Champs 2007!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well I can tell you the Coach Miller is a gem. Just maybe it was not so much Austin as it was Miller.

And this couldn't go in the other thread?

When you say "steal a win", somehow it doesn't seem that you're fully committed to the "full credit" program.

Deb it is his point of view that the Stamps stole a win out of Regina. I could say that happened in Calgary as well.

Any time two teams are close in skill, etc. winning an away game at that team's stadium is definitely a steal. The Riders stole one in Calgary and Calgary stole one back in Regina.

To me, the biggest thing is that the Riders came back and closed the points gap so that they have a chance to take a tiebreaker on points. If they had failed to come back and lost by 15 or 20, then getting the tiebreaker would be extremely difficult.

Good point on the tiebreaker ... There is a decent chance that the Stamps and Riders could end up tied at the end of the season, and split the games between them 2-2.

deb- anytime you win on the road I consider it a steal as it is very tough to win in the other team's park. Well done Stamps but a steal nonetheless.

Oh, sorry then turkey...me bad.