Riders and Rider Fans getting the Job Done in Winnipeg!

I just came across this story on the CBC, about a fire on a party bus in Winnipeg last night. Apparently the generator at the back end of the party bus caught fire during a bachelorette party. The bus stopped in front of a bar, and a guy wearing a Riders jersey came out of the bar with a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.

Here's the full details:

Party bus goes up in flames Vehicle owner calls incident 'freak accident' Last Updated: Sunday, September 13, 2009 | 2:21 PM ET Comments18Recommend21 CBC News Smoke billows from a generator on a party bus that caught fire during a bachelorette party Saturday night.Smoke billows from a generator on a party bus that caught fire during a bachelorette party Saturday night. (Lorna Fink)

A bachelorette party went up in smoke Saturday night after a fire broke out in a generator at the back of a party bus in Winnipeg's St. Vital neighbourhood.

The fire started at about 10:30 p.m. as the bus was parked outside a billiard hall on St. Mary's Road.

Partygoers told CBC News they were on the bus and heard people yelling "fire" and thought it was a joke — until they turned around and saw flames licking the back of the vehicle.

Shawna McIlvenna organized the bachelorette party and expressed anger over what happened.

"This is gonna be an unforgettable night, but it shouldn't be this way. It should be good memories, not thinking our bus is going to explode," she said at the scene after the partygoers had quickly evacuated the bus.

A man wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey put out the blaze even before fire crews arrived on scene, said partygoer Jo Yewchyn.

Yewchyn said the man ran into the bar, retrieved a fire extinguisher and doused the flames.

Yewchyn told CBC there was no extinguisher on the bus, and there was no way to exit except through the front door.

The bus is owned by a company called Bada Bing.

In an interview with CBC News on Sunday, owner Jared Sereda disputed witness versions of events, saying it was the bus driver who extinguished the flames and that there was an extinuisher at the front of the bus in case of emergency.

Sereda said the generator was just installed Thursday and he was unsure why it caught fire. He described what happened as a "freak accident."

"This was just the generator that caught fire. This had nothing to do with the actual safety of the bus," Sereda said.

No injuries were reported, but McIlvenna said there were some tense moments during the scramble to get to safety.

"Some of the girls are OK, but some are having overwhelming feelings and anxiety," McIlvenna said.

The party did continue with the use of a rented limousine.
Party buses the subject of recent police probe

Police could not immediately confirm whether they have opened an investigation into the fire. The incident comes in the wake of police announcing that party-bus operators in Winnipeg were being scrutinized.

Over a two-day period in June, Winnipeg police and transportation officials randomly inspected nine buses hired to take partygoers to and from events in Winnipeg and found eight of them violated multiple regulations.

The vehicles were temporarily pulled off the road, and fines for traffic and liquor infractions were issued.

In July, police said more inspections were pending.

Of course, he says this... His ass would be grass otherwise. :lol: Good on the Riders fan for running into the bar to retrieve an extinguisher.

Well, I actually heard that Michael Bishop was driving, but that he fumbled the extinguisher. :smiley:

Yeah right into the hands of the Rider fan who put the fire out!

Our offense is good for something :slight_smile: