Riders and John Murphy part ways

Murphy has departed the Riders.
He refused to take a 10% cut stating he had extended 2 seasons and was sticking to that.
We’ve seen players both take cuts and say no…I do agree with him though…nothing was official on this when he was extended. When the player SMS was brought in they were given a few seasons to get everything in line…the same should have been afforded here.

So, did he walk and forfeit 2019 salary, or was he let go and the team has to pay him out the full Signed contract he is entitled to. Since his contract was guaranteed I assume the latter. So then what is the point of letting him go if you are on the hook for the contract anyway? Got a feeling this is going to be precedent setter how this plays out.

You can’t have everyone take a 10% paycut except one guy. It was the same with Muamba when they had the top half dozen players rework their contract but he said no…you simply can’t have it.

From what it sounds like, he left on his own…that would mean no pay.

When Murphy came over from Calgary with Jones from Edmonton, Murphy was “acclaimed” to be a Talent finding guru (as was the case in Calgary). I was hoping frankly that Murphy would eventually take over and Jones would leave. Well obviously that’s not the case.
So who can come close to matching Murphy’s Resume???

What I am curious about is what role did he play?

Was he the one who recognized the talent and identified the player & where they could possibly play (in what position)? Or … is this Jones?

Was Murphy the one that just negotiated with the agent and got the contract signed and filed all the paper work with the league - once the talent was identified?

Sorry, but negotiating can be taught and admin duties picked up by someone else.

The real gift is in finding the talent.

Who finds the talent with the current Rider organization?

I wouldn’t want Murphy as the GM. Without saying too much, there is a reason he has repeatedly not gotten the job…he likely will in time, but has been rejected a fair bit

His skill set and contacts will be near impossible to replace…especially with a cap. I suspect the role sits empty and Oday does more with less while some duties will be pushed to lead scout…which means they will have less actual scouting time.

He had his hand in everything.

His negotiating skills are a weakness. He took on less of that after a certain event

His assessment, scouting and more importantly…hid network are where he is invaluable. Good scouting us generally not about watching tape and hitting games…that is a part if it…it is largely about networking and relationships

One of the biggest things in the past several years for people taking note if the Riders and CFL in generally was the 30 scout rental. In year 1 if Jones you might recall that people couldn’t stop talking about these guys. Some people still try to spin it that Jones wants that as a full-time scouting staff…which is in now way true. It was a rental period. They knew they wanted a pile of new players…that meant a pile of scouts and evaluators for a short term…a few who excelled where offered longer term opportunity.

But that huge crew in green…they were noticed. College players, NFL staff, agents…they talked about it a lot. Multiple players have commented that they have reached out to the CFL because of that. Networking. Contacts. Make your entity extremely visible.

He was also the lead for draft.

The administration you speak of…that has been more Oday. It is literally in his title. Murphy did more of it to start…oday learned. JO is so much more developed now because they had 3 people…it allowed them to train and build a guy like Oday up. Sad that things like that are dead now…or regressed at least

Thanks for the info. Depop.

I wish Murphy all the best in the future, just NOT against the Riders.