Riders and Esks All-Century Team

Here is the team that has been picked by the fans at riderville.com
For those that don't know, it being both Alberta's and Sask's 100th year in this country, the Esks, and the Riders made a little bet, and made a championship called the Centenial Cup, which is the 2 game total point series being culminated tomorrow in Edmonton.
Along with the game both teams asked their fans who their all-centuryt teams were. Here is the Riders as voted by 1,609 people

Corners: Omar Morgan, LaDouphyous McCalla
Halfbacks: Richie Hall, Ted Dushinski
Safety: Glen Suitor
OLB: Reggie Hunt, Eddie Lowe
MLB: Cleveland Vann
DE: Bobby Jurasin, Bill Baker
DT: Scott Shultz, Nate Davis

OT: Vic Stevenson, Gene Makowsky
OG: Roger Aldag, Andrew Greene
C: Bob Poley
WR: Don Narcisse, Hugh Campbell
SB: Ray Elgard, Jeff Fairholm
FB: Chris Szrka
RB: George Reed
QB: Ron Lancaster
P/K: Dave Ridgeway
SpecTeam: Corey Holmes
Head Coach: Eagle Keys

Suprising to me is the addition of so many current players. I like all the picks though. all my favorite players are on this team. There are some that are definetly before my time, but none that I don't know

Quarterback: #1 Warren Moon
Running Backs:
#95 Normie Kwong
#24 Johnny Bright

Offensive Line: #63 Hector Pothier
#67 Rod Connop
#59 Leo Groenewegen
#50 Blake Dermott
#62 Bruce Beaton

Receivers: #70 Brian Kelly
#3 Terry Vaughn
#22 Tom Scott
#83 Jason Tucker

Defensive Line: #65 Dave Fennell
#55 Ron Estay
#89 Leroy Blugh
#64 David Boone

Linebackers: #39 Willie Pless
#42 Danny Kepley
#30 Dan Bass

Defensive Backs: #13 Larry Highbaugh
#10 Malcolm Frank
#29 Joe Hollimon
#24 Ed Jones
#23 Shannon Garrett

Kicker/Punter: #26 Dave Cutler
#8 Hank Ilesic

Kick Returner: #2 Henry Williams

All-Purpose: #91 Jackie Parker

Head Coach: Hugh Campbell

Its kinda funny. Hugh Campbell showed up on bith lists. Reciever and Coach

Also Ron Estay is now the Rider d-line coach, and Richie Hall is the Rider d-cooridinater


I still remember yelling at Brian Kelly as a kid, usually when he'd catch some pass over our DB's, and go in for a touchdown. I didn't know why exactly, but I knew I didn't like him very much. :slight_smile:

Maybe it was cause they always beat us back then.... not that it's really changed now.

Too bad there's no room for KK, but honestly, who wouldn't go with Reed?

A great post and terrific selections. Wow, there were some tremendous players on both squads. Again, a great post!!

CFL forever