Riders and Eskimoes game

48000+ at the game. They sure do love their football in Edmonton.

OMFG how does Ricky Ray avoid three tackles and run for a first down.....absolutely pathetic onthe riders part.


Run Ricky Run

so. for the first time this season, i'm shutting it down early. here's to hoping nobody breaks a leg in the last 7:37. night all.

Looked very good for ricky though. What a laugher. The smell is comming up from cow town.

hahaha I loved the replay they showed of fred stamps running in circles hahaha classic

Crandell blew hard. No vision (again) and looking for the 7 yard hook when we need 10 and to top it off he skips the ball 3 yards in front of the reciever. There's a reason he's never been a starter. Also what's happened to our D? Is it poor play calling? I would say that is part of the reason. These soft zones have been killing us but in this game it's been individual mistakes such as over pursuing on the rush and getting beat on cut backs. Ricky Ray of all people made our rushers look just silly.

If we want to stop this crap in it's tracks we need to pull Crandell (although Jyles isn't a better solution, hopefully Durant is back) and they need to get the D back in check. 2 games in a row where the opposing RB made our boys look just silly.

IMHO, the only 2 problems on D are:
1 - very little pressure up front
2 - They are on the field WAY TOO MUCH!

you nailed it Schooner its hard to play well when your on the field for a long period of time

wow, that was stinkville. the Riders D was so tired, i was suprized they didn't take a knee a couple times for a breather. Crandell did not show up for the second half, Bowman has bricks for hands...ugh! Ray just picked them apart with his 5 yard under b/s, all the Riders had to do was tackle the guy...but wtf?


just throwing it out there :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k good game both, but especially esks.

Riders sucked but nothing that's not fixable.

The World is as it should be. Eskimos started slow but for the last 3 quarters were hitting on all cylinders. So far the Eskimos haven't put it together for 4 quarters(tonight included) which should be of concern for the rest of the league. A.J was awesome tonight.

Sept.6 2008

So the Bombers are 4-6 and the Riders are 6-4. Chances re that we'll have a better record then them by the end of the season.

And chances are that pigs will fly by then. Bombers are the doormats of the league this year, get used to it.

Edmonton played well, not great but they avoided drive killing penalties and were the far more consistent team tonight. AJ Harris had a field day out there.

I wouldn't blame the Riders D too much, I don't think any defense is going to look good when you're asked to be out there as often as that. The positive is they at least held the Esks to a lot of field goals in the game, the score flatters the Riders.

I guess Bowman is done like toast!

Where was Cates tonight did he play?

He started off in the first quarter doing not bad then didn't see any touches after because we couldn't sustain a drive.

In regards to the D, yes they were on the field too long at the end of the game but the 30+ yard scamper that Harris had was over pursuing and getting beat on a cut back. There was no excuse for their porous run defense. 2 games in a row where the D was just was taken advantage. Is is that we're missing Jon Chick? I doubt that one player makes that big of a difference. It was more to do with how predictable we were. I recall one play where Lloyd and Mackenzie maybe crept up to the line and were practically side by side on a 1st and 10. Harris read it, cut outside and had a big gain.

Credit has to be given to the Edmonton coaching staff as well for making the adjustments after the first quarter.

The season is far from over and I'm sure we'll still end up with at least 10 or 12 wins but there are some changes in starters and strategy that need to be made, biggest one being getting a QB who poses a risk so they don't key on Cates all the time.