Riders and Eskimoes game

Edmonton looks to have taken control of the game. Its going to be tough for the riders to make a comeback if they continue to play the way they are. Last play of the half--the ruoghing the punter. Could of been another broken leg for the riders.

go to www.justintv.com he should have the game there

It sounds like the wheels have finally fallen off for the Riders, injuries have reared their ugly head. I wouldn't be surprised if the Riders lose 5 in a row.

oh damn only audio sorry normally he has the game

They will beat Winnipeg in Regina. Though schedual ahead though. Wiinipeg, Winnipeg, BC, BC

Thx, I checked it out, looks like audio only

Hmm, ya know what, I'm not to sure of that. With Glenn back I think the Bombers may have settled down a bit. I'll take the Bombers in that one.

13th man---the fans make a hudge difference at home for the riders

Yeesh they are coming apart, and playing stupid

Not looking good on D either this is getting real bad

should of been roughing the kicker for a first down. Doesn't matter riders are still on holidays.

Is it possible for the Riders to have less momentum at the moment?

er, no!

flatter than a can of pop opened four days ago....

Time to bring in Jyles. Give him some playing time. We are not going to win this way anyways.

Wow I would rather see Firhauf or how ever you say his name at this point, that was friggin bruttal.

Crandel is stinking up the joint. No completions in the 3rd quarter. I admitt that there were at least 4 dropped ball, but he’s bad.

We need a pass rush, Ray has forever to through the ball and Harris is just running around the edge of the line for a 10yrd average. The Recievers need stickum because they aighn't catching anything and Cradell is only completing passes to the turf.

Not the resposne to a loss i was hoping for, We need Fantuz, Flick, Durant and Chick back and soon

Thats why he's always been a career backup,

Did win the big one for the Stamps though. Every team goes throgh a stinker during the season letss hope this is the riders.