Riders and Eskimoes game

Who will win tonight? My prediction Wes Cates runs all over the Edmonton defence and the Riders win 31 to 20

My question is to Lions fans:

Who do we want to win? I think Edmonton but I'm not so sure.

Anybody but the Riders LOL.

Green and white will lose this one. They will contiunue hurting until some of their injuries return. Eskies 33 Riders 24

WHERE IS EVERYONE! it is quite on this site since the break. Close game. Nice pick by the riders.

Palmer is horrible, seriously horrible.

I hope that Durrant comes back soon, I just don't see the control of a game that Durrant was showing. Could just be the receivers but I don't buy that all that much.

A seesaw battle. A good game so far.

ricky getting to much time to throw the ball.

Dam Blackout :frowning:

why would they blackout the game in calgary?

Nice deep pass by Ray, and the 3rd offside for the riders.

They didn't, I live in St.Albert

A buddy of mine in Edmonton has an Expressvu reciever addressed in Calgary and he gets all the edmonton games even though he lives in Edmonton. This is probably prevelent throughout Canada.

17 --10 at the half. Riders don't look the same as pervious games.

Well if i did that then I likely wouldn't get the Stampeder home games right?

I'm stuck listening to Brian Hall, ug

Right. unless you get a winnipeg address. Then only Winnipeg games would be blacked out.

Interesting, I may have to look into that (-:

I suppose you could ofgot the game online.

Nope, tried that, only looks like the Stamps and lions tomorrow is available.