Riders @ Als on Merci Anthony Day!

That's awesome.

Classy act for a classy guy.

So very glad I got to watch AC in his prime years. :thup:

This is the final cross divisional game of the regular season. :rockin:

For those of you that didn't know, Rod Black felt it necessary to remind us for the 10, 000th time that Josh Bartell is Aussi born.

Montreal sack. Down goes Tito Santana. Should have bet the under on this game.

The suspense for me was wondering which would come first; Rod telling us that Bartel is from Australia or his telling us who Duron Carter's father is.

I guess that since Bartell was the first of the 2 to see the field, that suspense was dead.

Riders play calling is very good so far. they are controlling the TOP, and smashing it to the ALS defence. They basically are eliminating the pressure, and forcing Montreal to have to make a hard tackle on every play

What the hell is John Lu wearing???

Which Montreal player player gets credit for the tackle that Picard put on Anthony Allen? :smiley:

Anthony Allen is having himself a day as Cortez keeps calling his number.

Is Montreal going for the record for worst starting field position? On every return they shoot themselves in the foot. Good grief.

I've seen a lot less called as objectional conduct this year than what Diamond Ferry was doing there.

Bad things happen when Saskatchewan tries to pass.

Maze should have left London alone. He probably would have dropped it anyway.

Oh, sure. I make a few posts and Montreal finally scores. :lol:

If it wasn't for each team turning over the ball deep in their own end, this game would still be scoreless. Good D? Or Bad O?

Again, field position squandered by a stupid penalty. Someone needs to tear a new one into the special teams guys.

Touchdown for NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter's son....sorry, I had Rod Black's voice in my head as I was typing.

Crompton is throwing into tight coverage but Montreal is coming out with the football... The Carter touchdown is an example of that. It was basically a finger width of being knocked down.

The Riders are going to have to establish the pass at some point