Riders Als game

Must say Im surprised.

I expected the O to be anemic, as they've been consistently pretty bad for 2 seasons, plus add in the Clark injury.

But the D having 80 yards in penalties in the first half, and getting picked apart by Harris...
I wonder if they're just wound up and trying to do too much because they know the have to carry Maas' offense.

Either way, something needs to change.

Blame Maas if you want but this is on O'Day and Reynolds. Maybe they turn Mason Fine loose in the second half as if that is an option.

What you are seeing is Cody Fajardo football.

Won't argue the O'Day/Reynolds point. O Line was a screen door before Clark went down... couldn't handle 3 man rush by Edm.

Maas is trying to turn Fajardo into a pocket passer, which doesn't play to his strength.

Maybe have a look at Fine... they're playing like this is a preseason game anyway. Personally, I liked Donegal better in preseason, but they aren't dressing him for some reason

Jason Maas is not a Cup winning O.C. IMO.

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Totally agree.
Perfect example right there.

Everyone knows OLine is weak, so a run next to the rookie centre followed by a drop back pass with an empty backfield /no blocking help.
No wonder we only score 3 at a time.


Get a better play caller

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How bad was Brett Boyko?

8 minute drive at the start of the 3rd quarter and Riders get 3 points. I have nothing else to say. Other than we were down 20at the time

Absolutely brutal. Cody needs to learn to not to telegraph his throws and to throw away to avoid sacks. Maas has to come up with better play selection. Oline the need to look for veterans. Labatte would be nice. Receivers have to be better. Coach needs to stop being their friend and hold players accountable for thier play like say penalties.

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Starting to make Steven mcAdoo look like a genius, huge mistake losing mcAdoo


:sunglasses: I loved every minute of this game :smiley: :smiley:

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I partially disagree. McAdoo had to go. Its just that Maas wasn't much of an upgrade.

Dare you to make him the HC

Sorry to see such a beat down Saskatchewan fans. Get better soon. Seriously. Tell whoever's running your team to kick some **s. We wanna have something to worry about come Labour Day Weekend.

You could hire Maas away from us. That would help us and bring you back to the pack. Great for parity!

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It's a deal. We'll gift him out to the Stampeders. Their braintrust needs to be dumbed down a bit.

Is there enough room in Calgary to fit both Bo's and Maas' egos?

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That's what hammers are for.


Yes, when I seen they replaced mcAdoo with him I , shuttered, with a week off I’m sure they will be far more prepared, that was a stinker, no doubt.

Either that or they'll have to makeAdoo with McAdoo. It's a good thing they didn't hire Coach Phuck.

From one point of view it’s only their first loss so don’t get to carried away, maybe it was just an off night. On the other hand I got to admit it appeared it was the CFL Al’s against some junior Saskatchewan team wearing green uniforms.