Riders already failing to sellout new Mosaic

You think that an entire 5th of our city is going to go to every game?

There is a reason that a team in Saskatoon would never work and it's because 200k isn't enough people of a fan base to field a team. We rely on all of Sasky for our fan base. Friday night games are tough on us for that reason.

When a team starts slapping their attendance numbers around let us know...right now they lead the league. It was a colder night game against the worst team in the league...if this was against probably any West team it sells out...whooptiefrickendo

730 friday games of little meaning against the dweller in the cold is not a big motivator for thousands to ditch work early and make the 500k+ round trip.

That is not an excuse...that is a reason and reality....same as attendance crashing when it pours out.

PS...DD coming in and giving a wave meant very little to most in the grand scheme of things for this game...if he was lighting it up, maybe. The "we miss Durant" crowd is pretty thin now a days

no it shouldn't. It is the right number to perhaps a couple thousand light. It can be expanded some if needed. 40 000 would sell out 2 games a year...so why would they over-build and reduce demand and thus the asking price? Seems silly.

Why would anyone want to go see the sorry Alouettes this year? :-*

Difference between Canadians and Americans, ok not all pro games in the US sellout, even the Pistons couldn't sellout their home opener in a brand new arena, is that ..... oh I lost my train of thought.

As I say, it's the Als for pete sakes. :wink:

Ya know...

The Last Word is reading these posts and laughing at the reaction. ::slight_smile:

Let's let this thread die, please!

Still averaging 5000 more per game than the stamps. Your stadium looked pretty empty there last week.

What about it?

I realize you are a BC Lions fan [they are already eliminated from the playoffs btw] but can you explain why the city of Calgary with 1.5 million ppull in it can not pull in more then 20,000 fans for a game. Approximately half of which are Roughrider fans who live in the the city.

Saskatchewan has about 1 million ppull in the entire province. The team relies on the loyalty of the entire province for support.

It is not practical or realistic to expect some fans to travel hundreds of km to make a Friday night game. Why can't Calgary sell out a Saturday afternoon crowd or get more then 20K [don't forget half of the attendance is Saskatchewan fans of the CFL].........

I give up. Argue away.

All right. The goal of getting some sensitive fans upset has been accomplished.

Congrats to the OP.