Riders - Alouettes Game Thread - Aug 21

Game on! It's my wife's B-day. She's from Québec but she wants the Riders to win for her birthday (maybe cause her hubby will be in a better mood :oops: ) !!

Go riders!!!!!! :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

you gotta be kidding me stuffed 3 times on the goal line after a very impressive creative drive then the most basic poor plays ever jesus christ

We're just psychin' them out ... let them think that they are good ... and then crush 'em :lol:

Stealing from Wally's old playbook...didn't work for the Leos, why would it work for the Riders?

:rockin: :rockin: :D :D

well great stand by the defence chick is a beast GO RIDERS

Nice pick by the Al's, not Clermonts fault though, just one of those things.

Too bad TSN didn't show a replay of Durant on that interception. I had the impression that the DE just got a piece of him to cause the release to not be clean. Too bad because Clarmont was wide open for a couple of seconds. I can hear it now: Durant hasn't got the arm for the deep ball. Whatever.

thats chicks 7th get it together tsn

he has got the arm that pass to walker was way deep and very nice

Bagg's TD but Dressler's night! Beautiful!! No one's laying down yet.


Durant is not that bad, boring, but not bad.

Nice TD for the Riders, tying it up.

our D just dissapears when the ball is run i dont get it

Boaring?? elaborate

His basic play is short passing, good chance of completion, but not an exciting mode of football. Dickenson & Pierce are the same, though Dickenson at least had great success doing it, while Pierce and Durant haven't.

Breathing…Montreal, 10 yard penalty

i like the change from cates to charles nothing agaisnt cates his style just isnt working tonight

short passsing? he has 3 or 4 plays already over 25 yards. I guess though looking at it from a non-rider fan point that makes sence point taken

chalk up another deep ball and TD woohooo

Of course they dont call the holding