Riders almost robbed by homer refereeing in Winterpeg.

While there were a few iffy calls (always going to happen) the calls were not wrong.
The one roughing call inside the 20....I can take it or leave it
The roughing after the play against the bombers late on the return...i didnt agree with, but there was a nasty helmet hit missed on that play, so I will take it
The Bomber sideline coaxing 2 flags...hey, good on em, but still bs

Wow. Almost 2-1 againt the Riders. I stand corrected however, as I previously suggested it was 3-1 in penalty calls.
But, 17-8 and a hundred more yards against the Riders is considerable and worth worrying about. Again, congrats to the Bombers for their improvement. This is going to be a fun rivalry again!!!!!!!!!!!!
CFL Rules :rockin:

Riders are the least penalized per game coming in...short prep week and it showed in the penalty phase. Missing Taj created a couple penalties in the huddle as they only had a couple days to really prep for it.

I can think of 3 major penalties that the riders took in the first half that were stupid and ill timed ( there was no need to risk the calls in the first place ). For me it was the delays - the huddles to figure out what the call should be, the meaningless challenge for PI - and the momentum killing review of the over the line of scrimmage call. It was not a close call that could have been overturned - one could even argue that the bombers were on a roll and to halt play gave the rider defenders a chance to recover

Simply put the officiating became distracting from the game for both teams. Nothing more - nothing less

I usually side on the referees calls but I have to say that advancing the ball penalty against Sask was iffy at best (the ball basically still sat where it was just on an angle and if it was advanced was no more than an inch). What bugs me about it is that it was called with the Winnipeg coach sitting right behind screaming about it and it looks like the officials were influenced.

You certainly can't blame anyone else for getting 2 too many men penalties. A lot of the calls against the Riders were procedure calls where crowd noise could certainly have had a big factor as well. Considering that, it isn't hard to believe that the Riders would have dramatically more penalties than the Bombers. That being said, the type of wishy washy unnecessary roughness penalties that the Riders were getting hit with have annoyed me all year, even when it is my Bombers benefiting from them.

Turkey doesn't do satire, he's a performance artist. He does a send up of the obnoxious Rider fan that Albertans are very familiar with.

But when he starts to complain about refereeing in a game that the Riders won, it gets hard to tell the difference. Is he a performance artist, or just another obnoxious Rider fan?

I was actually thinking how well the game had been officiated when Foley got called for illegal contact one play before the Willy TD. Yea, he twisted the guy, but you have to remember, its a fine line between that back being a receiver and a blocker. Foley lets go immediately and the route RBs route is not affected. That was cheesy.

Then, Picard getting called procedure for moving the ball. The center moves the ball on EVERY PLAY in the history of football, yet I have not seen that called since 2005 (O'Day aganst the Lions at TF). What a sh!t call.

But then in the 2nd half I thought Sask got away with a couple of holding calls. Football is a very tough game to officiate, there are ALWAYS a couple of missed calls. I thought all in all the refs did a pretty good job.

I thought it was a weak call, but how much of it did the ref catch…i can sorta understand it at a glance. What bothered me is that he was inside 5 yards of LOS…so why the call

What grinds my gears the most is the moving the ball penalty and the events that unfolded shortly after. Sure I didn't like the call but he did move the ball and it was a penalty. Ok fine. But on Winnipeg's next drive in an exact same situation (3rd and one) the Winnipeg player does the exact same thing and there is no call!

If your going to call an iffy penalty I fully expect you to call it on the opposing team!

Like I said, it's something that has happened on every down in the entire history of football.

0ur officials perform in a decent manner and, being human, will likely make an error from time to time. I believe putting blame on then, after the fact, is rather childish behavior. Grow up !

Yes, the ball is adjusted on every down, and yes, it is advanced slightly on almost every down. But on third and short, the officials are supposed to watch closely to make sure it doesn't happen.

All the highlighting here is that way in the handbook, so it's definitely something that the officials are being told to watch for. So I don't have a problem with the penalty being called.

I do, however, agree that it should have been called on Winnipeg as well on the following drive. They didn't show a replay of that play, but you can see the centre put his left hand down next to the tip of the ball, and then adjust the ball forward, not once, but twice, and it looks like that advancement was more than on the earlier penalized play. And not only did he advance the ball, but he also violated the only one adjustment rule (CFL Rule Book, Rule 4, Section 2, Article 1).

I wasn't paying that close attention to the game, so I can't comment on whether the rest of the officiating was good or bad. Could be that the Riders just deserved more penalties, e.g. can't blame the officials for them having too many players in the huddle.

Roughly, half of the time penalties don't matter much in determining outcomes of games. Good teams overcome adversity. For example, heavily penalized Los Angeles Raiders winning multiple Super Bowls.

Saskatchewan has a habit of playing well against Winnipeg in winning 11 of 13 previous meetings. Average defense overachieved to produce 5 turnovers. Looking ahead, Winnipeg might continue to fall back to Earth. In 5 short days, Winnipeg goes to Toronto with 2 weeks of preparation.

Losing 2 games out of 7 is hardly falling back to earth. This Bomber team is for real. Don't waste your time waiting for a collapse. We learn from our mistakes. Ask BC what happened after we had our FIRST loss. ............. I agree with your take on the penalties. I wish the refs would call everything. Non-calls are what bother me( like the constant holding by the Sask. O-line that weren't called). That comment should get a rise!! Call everything until the players start to realize that if they don't want a penalty, stop committing fouls. This year I find myself pretty well ignoring the penalties and concentrating on the next play.

Homer refereeing??? :lol: :lol: :lol: turkeybend you give Proulx far too much credit. You seriously believe he's intelligent enough to figure out which is the home team? :lol: :lol:

If everly hold on the line was called, or push to the helmet along the line, or illegal use of hands (all of these go BOTH side of the line) the average game would EASILY be over 4 hours. Every time does this...if you think the team that you cheer for doesn't, well, have fun in fantasy land.

Your last line shows that you twist my words and wrongly assume you know how I may think. You try to bait an argument. What's great about this forum is that if I choose to ignore you and your kind, I can...........

Most penalties taken by the Riders last night were deserved. You seldom read about (or hear, in person) me complain about officiating. I will, however, complain about Proulx and his crew. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…his crew tends to throw significantly more flags for one team (the Riders have been the beneficiaries of this in the past when many more penalties were called against their opponent). Watch the next game, and you’ll likely see.

Now watch…the next game Proulx’s crew works will be the exception…

And Depop’s right…there’s holding on pretty much every play.

The lopsidedness of the calls is another good reason to call everything. It will be team's responsibility to wake up and play according to the rules. When a player knows he can get away with something, he will use that to his advantage. This attitude can be changed.