Riders after George Hudson, no offers to Jones,Francis,Bell

yup.. apparently Wayne Smith may not be offered a contract

Not to be knit pickey there CFL, but that is the last thing I would have expected to read in post 1 of this Thread Title. :lol:

oh, ya I guess I just wrote whatever.. haha

ya the Riders and Esks are after Hudson.

no word of course on who'll get him.. but The Riders are in the hunt.

What's the scoop on Daniel Francis?Looks like a solid backup if anything to me.

apparently he signed in Hamilton.

yes. Injury allowed him to play last year. He had 50 some tackles, but probably 30 broken tackles on him to. i went to one game where he hit the guy in the chest 5 or more times (on separate plays), and the guy bounced off him for 15+ more yards. He also leaves a big cushion, and is almost a guarantee you can pass underneath on him.

Sorry, but who is George Hudson

Hamilton OL



Hudson signed in Saskatchewan!!

wow.. loving this..

yeah, great pickup, but don't forget John Eubanks ... that could be even bigger. I think he hase great potential!