Riders Aerial Attack

Everybody knows we have the best run game in the league With Keith, Holmes, and Greene, but what about the aerial attack? Do you guys think with our fairly young but skilled receivers that they will have more of an impact on the offence than last year? Dominguez, French, Thurmon, Grant, Bailey, Richardson,Tounkara are all young and devoloping but have potential (Moore's the lone Old Guy).

There is no doubt we rely lots on the run game, So I was wondering what your thoughts are on our passing game for the upcoming season.

Our passing attack should be better this year now that we that we have Dominguez for the entire season. Moore may be getting older but he still can produce. We have many young skilled receivers that we can look to so if Nealon can get the ball to them, good things will happen.

The Riders have an areial attack? Who knew? I would hardly call a Nealon Greene dump off pass for a gain of five yards "an attack". But, what ever floats your boat in Riderville. :mrgreen:

wow, with catches like that nealon will look like a wzard!i

After watching tonight’s game I’d say that that the five yard dump pass was Winnipeg’s play of choice for the game I bet they ran that little shovel to Roberts 5 times in that game.

ya thats all they were doing in the 1st half. Nealon spred the ball around well.

What were they spraying crops on the weekend?

can someone exsplain to me why barrett keeps putitng his hopes tht nealon will turn intot his miracle QB he will never be. nealon must have pictures of barret will a mistress cause i cant think of any other reason for why nealon is even starting, he sucks, every long ball he threw last game was soo off target, i cant wait till us esks play the roughs, and beat u boys to the ground then stop on your nuts for good measure

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, your so badass. We’ll just have to wait and see who’s first in the West when this week is over, won’t we?

Jeremy's Weekly Prediction:
Montreal 100
Edmonton 3

Sask 31
Toronto 21

Now the Montreal and Edmonton game I can see happening, but if you think the Riders are going to beat Toronto by only 10 points you’re on glue my friend.


...........are the riders running around the parking lot snapping antennas off cars again?...........oooooh, that kind of aerial..............

ha ha ha good one RedandWhite that is their attack. But for some ChrisW you may need to tell him that they are attached to cars and trucks.

Your guys' O-line looks great against Toronto right now...

most of Nealon's passes could also be considered a long handoff. But I think that is Marcel's doing. Marcel has built this offence to 'workaround' Nealon's arm. Probably a smart thing.


Now do not p i s s off the Rider fans with that comment. Look at the bright side it helps his stats. And they are completions. They were a few missed field goals away from winning. Have I not heard this beffore a missed field goal hmmm.

Wow, complaining about a QB that is 80%+ in a game? So what if they were short passes! That's a great strategy, it runs the clock and forces the D to tighten up...that's when you go over their heads. It's nothing new. The Argos D is one of the best in the league, so they didn't cheat as much as a younger, less skilled D might.

Greene is the least of the Riders' worries. He's not flashy, but he gets the job done on offence. He'll get them down the field but nobody can produce a TD every time. They just have to watch those fumbles and address the questionable place kicking as of late.

.........I think Green looked pretty damn solid.........the whole Sask O looked pretty damn solid.........if the fumble to Szarka didn't happen it's a completely different ballgame..........good job riders, it's a tough loss, but look at it this way, many of you thought you stole one out of Hamilton last week so this is Karma just balancing things out..............

So when do you think he is going over their heads the next game or the one after that. I mean yes it is great nickel and diming but you have to go deep to test that defense yet Nealon is still reluctant to do that. Maybe he has not had the right situation. But sooner or later defenses will go for the pick that will be costly.

Toronto’s D likes to keep everything in front of them, so the deep ball was not really an option. You saw the pass to Moore though, one more step and he had it. After that the Argos just sat back. The deep ball will come, but it’s not the only way to score, and not the most important keys to winning a game, as the Riders have proven. The offence is not a concern to me, nor is the D, only the discipline the D has lacked in the 4th quarter of the last few games.