Riders advertising in Vancouver

Boy the Riders stirred it up today, rented billboard space " Green is the new Orange" was the caption Lions have responded with a guaranteed win night, brilliant strategy by both teams . I think I might want to go to this one!! :cowboy:

White noise.

Wow. This is a dream come true for Future Shop. Just think of all the speakers they are going to sell to B.C. place this weekend. Lions guaranteed noise, and what better way than the status quo to get the place rockin. Hopefully they don't get caught with the finger on the volume again and expose the false noise that they get away with year after year.

Kind of like the really S-L-O-W timekeeping at Mosaic that you get away with year after year when you're driving for a TD late in the game?? :cowboy:

Great hype! Should be a fun game.

And here it is........Great P.R.!!!! The league needs more of this,Great Hype and great fun,Love it :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Uh oh, people are having fun in the CFL. Don't worry, these guys will put a stop to that.

Pretty funny.

Not quite as good as the 'Toronto Sucks' billboard in Hamilton a few years back.

Brilliant. Regardless of what I think of the Riders.

The Riders have been doing this all season with other teams too (Ottawa had a "Green is the new black" sign).

They've been doing it in the west for years (mostly in Calgary and Edmonton)... Things like, "Don't worry Eskies, we'll save you a seat".

The Bombers did it back to us a few years ago when we were 1-7 and they were 7-1 (then we beat them... Twice).

I think it's great. The more you can build up rivalries and the more interest/intensity about the games, the better.

Hamilton has done some really awesome promos the past few years...hopefully they will start those up next week again. Boards, videos, adds in papers...they have dont a top notch job of it.

This has been crazy discussion...I have had a few people mention that they don't really watch football/CFL but are tuning in for this game over the hype both ways...so well done by both parties!

The billboard thing has gone on for years.

Driving through Northern Ontario in 2004, come around a bend, there's a billboard with a Rider fan in flowing green cape, "RIDER PRIDE, NATIONWIDE".

In Edmonton in 2006. Right across the street from Commonwealth, billboard with face painted dude with green afro wig "FAN TUTORIAL (date of next Rider visit)".

I think Roy Shivers had a hand in that back then if I recall.