Riders add to offensive line with Philip Blake

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed National offensive lineman Philip Blake.

Blake (six-foot-three, 310 pounds) joins the Roughriders as a Grey Cup Champion and after a strong 2022 season along the Toronto Argonauts’ offensive line.

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OMFG, AN ACTUAL O-line man signed.... Wow who woulda thunk they even knew to look for such an oddity.... But yes, very glad to see this

Welllll.....most of the running Harris does is getting on and off the field so he needs some protection.....

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We should think of going on tour together :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thats a couple of quality olinemen now, plus some younger camp guys to bring along....

Is Jeremy ODay... gasp.... learning?!


Bailing like hell to keep his ship from sinking.......

But yes good pickups for the O-Line.

bailing like hell is still better than adding water into the boat :sailboat:....


True enough......and you can still catch fish from a leaky boat....