Riders add QBs Dinwiddie and Reesing

Interesting signings, wondering if the board thinks one will land on their roster. I think Reesing can be a very good QB in the CFL. Can could start somewhere next season. He has a great arm, and seems very smart. I watched a few games a KU and feel that he can read defenses very well. He is also very athletic, and moves similar to Doug Flutie. Great pick Riders, I wish the Argos could have grabbed him.

They could both be on the roster, given that our other two QB's are Berquist and a lefty. I'd say 2-5 is pretty wide open right now.

True both could end up on the roster, I could see Reesing being the number two by the end of the season. I really like that kid. Time will tell.

what is wrong with a Left -Handed QB Artie?

I don't know, but name a real good one who's played in the CFL.

I can't think of any, I know Cal Murphy played in the 1950's was he any good as a QB? not many great lefties in the NFL either other than Steve Young.

A left-handed QB also requires the right tackle to play the blind side. A small adjustment, but sometimes it can have an impact.

Jee, I honestly am not too sure.

good question Artie.

There you go. I have nothing against them, they just never work out. There have been a handful in the NFL, (Young, Boomer, Vick) but none I can think of in the CFL (save for perhaps Cal Murphy - I have no idea about him). But if we have to go back to the 50's, I think my point is still valid.

And no kidding Artie ...geez we ought establish a modern-era statute of limitations of sorts for the CFL for all matters but those truly historical like we sort of have for the NFL with the start of the current Live Ball Era in 1978 after the Dead Ball Era from about 1960 to 1977: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/f ... index.html

By comparison for sake of the NFL when comparing players from different times, on many matters it is apples and oranges due to the rule changes in favour of the offence made for 1978 to date including reducing the "bump zone" for DBs to only 5 yards from unlimited distance with the pass interference rules applying all the same for the most part.

I am not sure where any such definitive line exists for the CFL in rule changes, but there you go a project for someone perhaps. :?

It'll be interesting to see if yet another Big 12 star Reesing can adapt or not to the CFL game where so many of his conference peers have failed or have been just plain marginal at best in both the CFL and NFL.

Intended or not, under the circumstances a very bad pun. :slight_smile:

Come now boys - the great Stefan LeFors throws lefty and he was an offensive player of the week in 2007 :wink:

The Argos QB Stephen Reaves was a lefty who started last year along with LeFors. Other lefties included: Steve Young, Boomer Esiason, Kenny Stabler, Mark Brunell, Michael Vick, Chris Simms...and T. Marinovich and Jim Zorn who played in the CFL.

And let's not forget one Kevin Feterik.

On the other hand, yes let's.

Arnie Galiffa with the Argos back in the fifties.

Thank you all for proving my point.

Todd Reesing could turn out to be something special. No wonder Eric Tillman placed this guy on the neg. list before his junior season at Kansas.

A sample of his work:


I like his ability to make something out of nothing.

His ability to dance around to make defenders miss reminds me of Printers, except.. well.. He can actually do it.

As good as he is, I think the Riders are going stick with Durant for the long run. I don't see Reesing cracking the top spot for many years to come, which by then he will probably have moved on. It would be neat if he ended up being Ottawa's quarterback once they have a team established.. He is young and the team will need young talent to keep it on it's legs.

Either way, Reesing is crazy good.

He looks like a playmaker. I've read comparisons to Flutie and took them with a grain of salt, but I can see why from those clips.

Someone up here will have to work with him to quiet his feet though. I didn't see many drop-set-step releases. He has happy feet, his body reacts as though there's pressure even when there's none.

Maybe KU's o-line was junk, and he was running for his life a lot, so it became instinctive, I don't know. But on a bigger field, and the need to get the ball out quicker, he's going to have to learn to settle in the pocket.

Reesing seems like a prototypical CFL QB.

Figures since the Big 12 has been America's version of the CFL the last few years. Spread them out and throw the ball!