Riders add DL Munroe

This just announced on TSN

The Roughriders have added international DL Andre Monroe to the practice roster.

Monroe previously spent four seasons playing at the University of Maryland where he graduated as the all-time leader in QB sacks.

Interesting that we signed an interior guy. We already have Marcus white on PR..............we don't have DE depth behind Hall or Chick? I would have figured a 250 pounf DE would be preferred?

I think the facts of Connop not cutting it on the inside is finally sinking into Cory's stubborn head. IF we were to go for a DE I would like to see him bigger then 250. 275 plus and 6ft 6 plus would be a good start.

Well, I would anticipate he will be lining up at DE, not DT, and that Hall's job is in jeopardy...pretty short to be playing DT

Sure, we'll just go out back to the DE tree and pick a nice 66 275 pounder that's not too green.

Oh he better be plenty green with a touch of white thrown in. :smiley: