Riders add 5

...to the secondary of course.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/riders-add-five-to-secondary]http://www.riderville.com/article/rider ... -secondary[/url]

Nice to see the train has one track still. Starting to get concerning.

presently at:
17 in the secondary and 7 LB with 68 players on the roster, minus one for the National placed QB. Wow....36% of the roster.
There is 1 official SB in Getz (yes, others play there as well), and a total of 15 receivers when the passing game was the greatest weakness last season. Overall, not sitting too bad here really, but could be better.
There is ONE FB
Only 2 international OT when you are likely starting 2.

bear in mind that there is realistically only like 2-3 openings on D because of the ratio

They still have room for some signings, but concerning IMO

a lot of TC fodder I think, but you never know, could be something amazing come out of all this auditioning.

oh, there is definitely fodder in there. My point of concern is that what was really the strength of the team seems to be getting by far the most attention going into camp. Chamblin is a very biased coach, and it could be his undoing.

I agree, you can't win games with just def. your O has to put points on the board, CC seems to have forgotten that, but we do have a great Off. backfield! I guess we will see!!

Yeah, receiver depth might be an issue. You guys have a great set of starters (Getzlaf, Bagg, Smith, Dressler, and Richardson assuming he's 100%), but if injury strikes? That's the question.

Think Richardson even makes the team? He obviously has the skills, but I question if he is there more to force a few to push it further.

IMO pre-season 1 will tell what is in store for Anthony. He got a pile of action in mini-camp. I think they are looking to really upgrade his role.

Yeah, it's a HUGE question mark. If he's healthy and focused, though, it would be crazy not to keep him, especially since he likely came cheap. When 100% and on his game, he's as dominant as any receiver in the league, and he's not even that old.

We do have some good back-ups with Cory Williams and a few others!! not worried there.

with the change in rules as to no contact beyond 5 yds they may be looking at a different style of player ?

I can definitely see a guy like Macho fighting for his job, yes, but with the rule change you would think you would be finding the fastest 3 WRs you could and seeing who hangs on the best.

Well, they finally inked a couple NI OL today, so that is a big move. About time were hear some signings on O.