Riders Acuire Brandon Boudreaux

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I think this is a decent move by Taman. This move either adds depth to D-line, or spells the end for Hilee Taylor (at least for this season). The article says that Boudreaux had a few injury problems this year so hopefully he is healthy now.

Sounds like Calgary was after Boudreaux as well.

Yeah I understand Calgary was after him too. Huff must be ready to blow a valve with not getting players because the Riders do. There is Ford, Messam, Dressler, and now Boudreaux all players Calgary wanted but signed with us. Wonder if he can play any linebacker? Put him in against teams like the stamps in the middle and plug holes if he is fast enough that is. The linebacker spots are a bit weak right now and as I mentioned I would like to see some guys with an edge to them come in and start smacking some guys around.

At 6 foot 1 and 240 lbs, he definitely has good LB size (middle) to stop the run... Its whether he has the foot speed or not to catch receivers that do those crossers over the middle is the question. Is there a stat somewhere to see what his time is in the 40 yard dash?

But all in all, I don't think the Riders gave up too much for him. Giving up 3rd round picks may lose you some decent players... But At least they got fourth rounders back in exchange. I'm very curious to know who the neg list player was though. That could be the losing part of the deal for the Riders pending on who it is and whether they ever play in the CFL

I can't see that they are getting rid of Taylor, but he has had some questionable play...would seem to be an upgraade though.
I am thinking either moving to LB or they traded up in the drafts some how (wonder who the negotiation rights were for), because beyond that I see no reason for this move.

They actually traded down in the draft. They gave up their third round pick in 2015 and 2016 for Hamilton's fourth round pick in 2015 and 2016.

The neg list player is the question mark... We don't know who he is yet.

well maybe Foley is making noise or even has let it be known to Taman that he is done after this year. If that is the case then getting someone up to speed with the D line and have someone to rotate in for this season is actually a very good move. Of course I have no proof that is the scenario but it would make a lot of sense.

Either that or like I said Taman really really doesn't like Huff and when he got wind that Calgary was interested he nabbed him. Seriously though who know how long Charles will be out for Calgary and the other DE is on the six game so while Calgary picked up a couple of NFL cuts having someone that has CFL experience is certainly a plus.

I had thought the same thing with Foley, then he extended...not that this means a whole bunch if he decides to hang em up. I would be shocked if they traded down in drafts for a hate-on of Huff unless it was maybe some all-star with a crazy resume.

This makes total sense for the Cats with Hickman Hickman coming in and Norwood and Scott playing well. Boudreaux was barely getting action as it was, so it definately wasn't going to be increasing. However, for the Riders, Boudreaux is a FA at the end of the season. Perhaps there was a handshake on an extension prior to the trade, but it is concerning that this was not a conditional trade. It is not like this is a big splash of a rental player to fill some void...The National rotation on end is doing pretty darned well, and it is not like he is replacing Chick. Guyton/Walker/George are doing just fine inside. Hilee has looked respectable in pretty limited action. Perhaps they are not happy with his play or something, but I would be surprised to see him dumped over limited action.

Everything Chamblin and hall are saying is that this is going to end up being an increased rotation to keep guys fresh in the 4th, so we shall see.

[url=http://cjme.com/story/defensive-lineman-brandon-boudreaux-traded-riders/418760]http://cjme.com/story/defensive-lineman ... ers/418760[/url]
Brandon Boudreaux has no hard feelings towards the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after being traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The defensive end became a member of the Green and White last week after over two seasons with the Ti-Cats.

"This is a business-driven league. Everything happens for a reason," said Boudreaux. "I'm here for a reason and it couldn't have been a better time. Honestly, I'm happy to be here."

You couldn't blame Boudreaux if was bitter after only playing in three games this season; he was a starter the last two seasons.

"I just think within the system some guys stepped up when I wasn't able to play and they made the most of their opportunity," said Boudreaux. "Football is all about next man up and if next man up is doing well, why change it?"

Even though he was stuck on the sidelines, Boudreaux helped out those on the field.

Head Coach Corey Chamblin told reporters on Tuesday that Boudreaux will likely play on Friday night against the Calgary Stampeders. His role could be a bit of a hybrid. On Tuesday's practice, Boudreaux was working with the defensive backs and linebackers at times in pass coverage but was also doing work with the defensive line against the run. The team was even experimenting a little bit with a five-man defensive line.

Chamblin likes what he's seen so far from Boudreaux.

"He has to get used to the defence, get used to the way we do things. But, for the most part, I think he did some good things," he said. "I will tell you, he's phenomenal in his preparation, he's been here super early and he stays super late. He's going to make sure that he asks as many questions as possible."

Boudreaux has been quick to pick up on life in Saskatchewan as well; he even went to Twitter on Sunday to invite fans to meet him at the hotel he's currently staying at. Boudreaux said no one took up his offer, though.

"People thought I was joking around," said Boudreaux, who will be at the Ramada this week and still wants fans to stop by. "I was there. I was waiting. I had my phone ready to take pictures."

Quarterback questions

The biggest development on the quarterback situation came from General Manager Brendan Taman on Monday. In a media interview, he suggested the team hopes to activate Darian Durant for the team's second-last game of the season in Calgary and that he start their next game against Edmonton.

Taman still wasn't made available to comment on the situation on Tuesday but Chamblin's thoughts on what could be happening are much more subdued.

"We've had discussions, but I have to see it first," he said. "He's not even to the point where he's gripping a ball and throw it. It doesn't matter what we're told, I'll just hold those thoughts until we actually see where is progression and his rehab is."

As for who might start Friday night against Calgary, Chamblin said he would tell the quarterbacks first on Tuesday. Chamblin wouldn't let any hints slip who it might be beforehand.

Pretty good read...and smart man...openning yourself up to the Fanbase in Sask can do wonders for you. That said, he needs to play a few down of footbal, THEN have the open house...I am sure if he plays well he would be over the moon with the response to it.