Riders acquire WR/RET Mario Alford in trade with Als

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced a trade with the Montreal Alouettes, acquiring American wide receiver and kick returner Mario Alford.

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Seems to me Worthy had something to do with this , no? (calling Cpt. Obvious)

I guess you could say that the Als were beaten into submission and forced to give up Mario Alford the day after the game. An inside wager maybe ???
I wouldn't make a trade until I got over being mad for the loss. At least they could have gotten more than just a 6 round draft pick.
Worthy gets hurt (hopefully not but can happen) and there goes any chance of getting the advantage of getting a return TD. Then how do the Als put up points?

That and GM's are clearing spots now for injury replacements, or replacements.

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You're right. Maybe the Riders will realize their mistake and quickly return their quick returner.

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A little surprised by the move but not totally. Mario lost his spot to Chandler in week three. Philpot has got speed and can fill in if Worthy gets hurt so why not get a draft pick. I would have preferred sooner than 6th but that's life.

Philpot has got speed so Worthy is not alone.

Advantage Riders all the way. This makes the Riders that much stronger. :tophat: Did they have to throw in a bag of CFL official footballs :question: :canada: :football:

Pretty good move for both teams. Riders need to get Morrow off of return duty and Montreal gets a pick that will most likely end up on the practice roster but you never know (there have been some surprises that went in the 6th in the draft).

Great move by the Riders here, also surprised Als couldn't get more.
I'm sure I'll curse his name in September.

Even in big name trades the team giving up rarely gets more than a third round pick so this seems about right. And this is the one area that I wish more teams would invest more money in as a good return game can take an average to below average team (Montreal) and turn them into a contender every game.

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Another example of what have you done for me lately. It seems like just the other day that Alford had a series of kick return TD’s and was being touted as the next great thing.

...either that or how bad is Williams hurt.....