Riders Acquire Geroy Simon

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have acquired import wide receiver Geroy Simon from the B.C. Lions.

Simon (6’0 – 198) is one of the most decorated players in Canadian Football League history. The 14 year veteran is currently the league’s all-time leading receiver recording 15,787 career receiving yards to date. The 37-year-old presently sits third in receptions with 989, just 29 catches away from the all-time record. His 100 receiving touchdowns also place him third among career leaders.

Last season, the six time CFL All-Star had 54 receptions for 700 yards and two touchdowns in 13 regular season games. He was on pace for his tenth consecutive 1,000 yard season before missing five games due to injury.

In exchange, the Riders have sent import receiver Justin Harper and a 3rd Round pick in the 2014 Canadian College Draft to the B.C. Lions.

This is awesome. The all-time receptions leader will once again be a Rider. :lol:



VANCOUVER -- The longtime face of the B.C. Lions' franchise is heading to Saskatchewan.

Geroy Simon, the CFL's all-time receiving yards leader, was traded to the Roughriders on Thursday in exchange for receiver Justin Harper and a third-round pick in the 2014 Canadian college draft.

"After many weeks of discussion with Geroy, we have reached a point where we believe it's in the best interest of both parties to move forward with a mutually agreed upon trade," Lions general manager Wally Buono said in a statement. "Geroy's accomplishments as a player are well documented and his work in our community has been outstanding.

"We salute and thank Geroy and wish him the very best.

Simon's contract with the Roughriders will be for one year plus an option and will pay him $170,000. With bonuses the veteran could make close to $200,000."

Simon, a two-time Grey Cup champ and six-time CFL all-star, has recorded 15,787 yards over his 14-year career.

Hamstring problems forced him to miss five games last year, limiting him to 54 catches for 700 yards and two touchdowns. It marked the first time in 10 seasons Simon hadn't cracked the 1,000-yard plateau.

The six-foot, 198-pound native of Johnstown, Pa., needs just 29 catches to break Ben Cahoon's CFL record of 1,017 career receptions.

Had Simon returned to BC next season, he may have been played as a backup and even a healthy scratch during some games.

"My 12 seasons with the B.C. Lions have been the most incredible years of my professional life," Simon said. "I want to thank the entire B.C. Lions organization for giving me the opportunity to become a true professional. Most notably, I am extremely grateful to (team owner) Mr. Braley, Wally Buono, (president) Dennis Skulsky, (coach) Mike Benevides, as well as my teammates and coaches for all their years of support.

"The fans in B.C. have treated me as one of their own since I arrived here in 2001, and I'll never forget it. I'm looking forward to a new and exciting opportunity in Saskatchewan."

Once the Lions' season ended, Simon said he was open to restructuring his contract but if the team didn't want him back he'd look to continue playing elsewhere. Buono said Wednesday that he had given Simon and his camp permission to gauge interest in a potential trade.

Simon, 37, began his CFL career with Winnipeg in 1999 before signing with B.C. as a free agent following the 2000 season. He received the league's outstanding player award in 2006 after registering 105 catches for 1,856 yards and 15 TDs, all career highs.

B.C. was 5-0 without Simon last year when it finished atop the West Division standings with a 13-5 record. The Lions dropped a 34-29 decision to the Calgary Stampeders in the conference final.

Buono and Simon were scheduled to hold a media availability at the Lions' practice facility later Thursday.

Harper, a 27-year-old native of Catawba, N.C., is entering his third CFL season. He had nine catches last year for 95 yards.

$170k-200k we are paying him for one year. Wow.

......'Might' end-up good for both clubs....BUT knowing Wally and the way he does business..(didn't seem to care Simon was going to a division rival..) AND knowing the way Taman does business (once again trading draft pics for ol vets) Guess we'll see??? :wink:

Interesting to see how this works out.

Soon to be seen on road sides as you approach Regina.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to fade off into oblivion, the wretched refuse of your team from the West shore." :cowboy:

Apologies to Emma Lazarus.

Regina is the home of the washed up Lions receiver.

Interesting. But not surprised.

Simons skill level was on the decline. Not sure what sort of "reduced" role he was offered. Lions let Clermont go, and he was pretty average when he was sent to Saskatchewan.

BC has some pretty good receivers that filled in when both Bruce and Simon were injured. As much as Geroy gave us many thrills over the years, this might have been the right time to get some thing in return.

Time will tell whether this trade was too quick or timed right.

washed up? get serious...

Thought I was serious. How about Regina, dumping ground for B.C. receivers past their prime.

Or how about, Regina, just "over the hill" from Vancouver. :cowboy:

how about, Regina, first class retirement home for BC lions players.

Good one. No disrespect to Simon but congrats to B.C. for parting with a player who is shall we say, past his best before date. Reminds me of Edmonton trading Tom Scott to Calgary for Danny Bass. I was a big fan of Tommy but when the time comes, trade him just before the fall. Not to mention Bass was not too bad a ball player.

Maybe you guys are right that he's washed up had we brung him in to be a #1 guy, with Dressler, Getzlaf, and Sheets/Sanders backfield tandem Geroy isn't going to have to be "the guy" on every down and every series. as a #2 or 3 guy Geroy can exell as a reliable target for Durant because lord knows he needs one outside of Dressler. I think this is a good move by the Riders.

The real question is does Geroy at 37 have anything left in the tank?

So your comfortable using up 170K - 200K of cap space on a #2 or #3 guy. Math was never my best subject, but..... :cowboy:

What was Bauman making in Edmonton, and what was he being used as? Oh ya History was never my best subject either.... :cowboy:

Wally straight up said he was cutting Simon unless there was a drastic reduction in contract (205K for 2013, reportedly renegotiated as a part of this deal), and also that he was on the trading block. Trading a 3rd round pick was a bad move. There is a solid list of potential FAs, including Bryant, who Taman brought into the CFL and thus should have a leg up.

Is picking up Simon a bad move...of course not...his numbers speak for themselves. Could have he gotten him for a 4th or 5th round pick...probably. Could have he waited until FA season and taken his chance on another player or Simon himself...would seem logical.

This makes Carr and Simon who he has picked up for Canadian picks...and I believe both contracts are up after 2013.

Maybe Taman likes trading drafts away so he can do less research...I mean, if you are only drafting 3 players a year, you should be able to set your priorities pretty fast LOL

I was thinking giving the 3rd rd pick was too much, but then I realized there very easily could have been another team after his services as well.

Guess I miss the point. What does Bauman have to do with this. Logic was one of my better subjects and I can recognize the lack thereof.

Also I think Justin Harper has a real good opportunity in front of him. Here in SK we all know how he is a huge target and a lot of us had high hopes for him - I know I did. I wish him well.

I know you know about Taman (I am genuinely kind of sorry about that), but who were some of the vets he traded picks for? I cannot think of any off the top of my head. Also were any even close to the talent of Geroy Simon?

.......I think you got that reversed....He deals pics for vets....Example your third in 2014 for Simon and if you go through his tenure in Wpg.. you'll find a few deals he's made concerning OUR pics for quick fixes... :wink: