Riders acquire Blake, Lavoie in trade with Als

No doubt you’re right.

The ALS thing was a weak attempt at gallows humour - hence i referenced Oscar Wilde whereas ppl would typically have used an emoji. But to me, all emojis look like scary clowns.
[Wilde: “To lose a parent is certainly unfortunate; but to lose two seems careless”]
It was a totally off-the-mark comment about the state of the team.

But just (last coupla days) having seen the Ackie-Ontario connection come up twice and in both official languages on this site really makes me wonder what the deal is. Sincerely.
I mean, Ontario is a really big place. And isn’t Mtl almost an Ontario bordertown in the same way that Ottawa is almost a Quebec bordertown? (i don’t think Ackie’s actually even from Ott… is he? - you would have said, right?)
And don’t most CFL players have an awful long drive on bye weeks to wherever they grew up?
It really does interest me. I’d like to understand the point that you were making.

Me, i was an anglo from northern Ont who happened to live and go to school in Mtl during “Bill 101” mania. And i also remember living in Ott during the James Cross / Pierre LaPorte affair. And two solitudes in a snowstorm.
So my antennae are just always attuned for what i perceive as polarized language… because i need to come to terms with my own biases.

Again, my apologies for being so obtuse. And thanks for throwing it back at me.

I should have wrote “Ackie is from Ontario and would not be at all surprised if he chose to sign with a team closer to home such as the RB’s or Argos or TiCats”.

As for the “ALS” in caps, when using a hand held device it diverts to writing the name in caps. I suppose I could spend the time to make the change to lower case to keep you happy, but it has not been an issue for others.

I hope this helps clarify these two critical issues for you and will allow you to go on with the day in better spirits.