Riders a flash in the pan?

The Riders have turned the corner...

But they made the wrong turn. Is this going to turn out to be a typical Rider season where they fall short of the home playoff game?

Time to start looking at next year?

Tough to say, but things aren't looking good in Sask Town these days. Their fans must be thinking 'Oh no, not again'. The big question is, will the Riders host their first home playoff game in 31 years?

The only teams that should look to next year are the Cats and Esks… another troll comes out of the woodwork when the Riders lose two in a row. Edmonton has Toronto twice, and my bet is that the Esks split or lose both, and looking at next year country. Maybe we need to find a heavier rock , so you cant crawl from beneath it.


Lets keep in mind the Riders have never had success in Calgary...

You forgetting about the west semi final last yr.

Its going to be brought up, i might as well be the
one to remind you.....lol

Remember also, that the Stamps had two blowout losses in a row-- 49-8 and 48-15.. both on the road. They have bounced back nicely and IMO, the Riders can do the same thing. It will be a race to the finish for sure, and it looks like it will be an interesting race the rest of the way.

riders are the cfl's version of the ottawa senators, great begininng and fast starts in the regular season, and choke later on in the season in the playoffs, riders are choke artists, tillman is a choke artist.

Just like the Stumps choked in two consecutive WSF's???

Nothings been settled yet, i tried telling
people before, the Stamps will be a force
before its all over.

Bender made a rookie mistake, counting his turkeys
before they hatch.

I never doubted it, they are too talented a team not to be a factor-- there are 3 teams in the race for first.

Pretty soon we'll both be waving bye bye to BC.


Go back to your igloo.

True... but according to the game preview, the Riders are 1-3 in Calgary Now 1-4...not an impressive stat.

Sambo are you being a sore loser not you!

No, not at all, if you read the troll post above my reponse, you will understand why I wrote it..

Sambo I thought you knew how to handle this. Funny I was chatting with Nick Lewis around noon and I asked him if he was going to silence the green herd. He said no he was hoping they would leave by then. Pretty close in his prediction. I can not believe after all the media coverage about streaking a rider fan was so embarassed about wearing green he stripped dow na tried to get on the field. So he sat comfortably in the wagon with no clothes a night in a luxury hotel with lots of bars and will leave a large some of money with a criminal record. Not bad for a nutbar.

Hey, I said in another thread that Calgary played a great game, and the Riders left their game somehwere at TF on Labour Day. Its ok to say that your team played well, but to post something like the Riders are choke artists, especially given the Stamps record in the WSF last two years, dont you think its silly to say the Riders are choking?

As for the nutbar, well he desrves his accomodations. Its sad that some Rider fans have to make themselves look like idiots, we have enough of those here on this board.

No I would say they are starting their slide

Just like Calgary's slide losing to the Riders and Argos on the road. They still have a chance to turn it around, just like the Stamps did, Sask, like Calgary, is too talented a team to do a major slide.