Riders 9-9 AGAIN



In an ironic twist, win tonight over the playoff-bound Saskatchewan Roughriders would give the last-place Edmonton Eskimos the West's best intra-division mark.

And yet, no matter the outcome, the Eskimos cannot leave the cellar and have no shot at the postseason, while the Roughriders will stay in third place even with a loss.

Saskatchewan will play Calgary in the Western Semifinal on November 5.

The Roughriders have a chance for their first winning record since 2003. They were 9-9 in each of the last two seasons and improving to 10-8 would be a psychological lift.

In order to achive that, however, Saskatchewan will have to win without its best players.

[b]Kenton Keith, Matt Dominguez, Jason Armstead, Eddie Davis, Tristan Clovis, Jackie Mitchell, Nate Davis, Terrell Jurineack, Corey Grant and Fred Childress did not even make the trip.

Coach Danny Barrett said starting quarterback Kerry Joseph would also be rested. [/b]

"It's the first opportunity I've ever had (as Roughriders' coach) to rest a few guys," Barrett told the Edmonton Sun. "Last week was a very physical game. We want to be healthy going into the playoffs."

Edmonton will also rest some starters in order to get a look at younger players who might impact the roster next season. For veterans like receiver Ed Hervey, it could be their last game with the Eskimos.

"It's going to be a night of having fun," Hervey told the Edmonton Journal. "This is football. Good things come, good things go. I'm going out there to play the game for 60 minutes and have fun and try to get a win for this team.

"Whatever comes after that, let it be. I'm going to be a kid again. If I get to the end zone, I might even dance. That just goes to show you I'm going out to have fun."

The Eskimos are the only team the Riders have not beaten this year.

....wow, the riders are sitting almost as many starters this weekend as the stampeders are...

I was told there would be only 3 starters on defence. Perry, Lyoyd, and I don't know the third. Guessing it will be a db, maybe Johnson

oh wow.

It's more important for the Riders to be healthy than a 10-8 record. and I agree

i was gonna play some proline tonite…until i read this news…that discouraged me from picking the riders by 8+

I think the riders will win. Niether team is realistically putting its best players in place and i dont see the eskimos winnign. im not saying its wouldnt be classified on as a win on proline tho DG

The Riders have a solid nucleus and a good future ahead of them. I wouldn't worry at all if they finish at 9 and 9. I'am just wondering what type of changes will take place before their opening kick off in 2007 with Tillman calling the shots especially if the Riders get knocked out in the Semi-Final then we may see some very surprising moves.

9-9 so what else is new? Another mediocre season, just like many predicted at the start of the year. Its not a surprise, what would suprise me if they actually won this game. Its almost like the two preseason games against Edmonton, only difference is it counts for 2 points, which will make no difference to either football club. Maybe we should have sent the Rams or Hilltops to play this last game.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is Joseph going to see any reps?

Not surprising at all, let the bumps and bruises heal up another week, glad I took the Esks.