Riders 54,330 over cap

Riders were only 54K over the cap this year. This hardly justifies the critisism that they have received over the last few months. It will be interesting to see how many other teams were also over the cap.
Go Riders

Source or it's not true.

(And God, I can't wait until this turns into a 30-page argument...)

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/story.html?id=9020e6a7-c150-437c-893d-ac1150d61105&k=34674]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 05&k=34674[/url]

The following article is specifically on the cap. Yup it is not from the league at this point, but it is part of the packages that the team has sent out for its AGM, so one assumes that the teams auditors would have signed off on this.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=ee813e8b-68c0-418a-9e5a-411606a452f7]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 1606a452f7[/url]

Oh my god! 55000 over the cap...?
What a bloody bunch of cheaters those Riders are!!

I think there is plenty of crow to be eaten, so those of you that are in for a serving will not be left wanting!!

Though I don't expect the "Riders are 500,000 over the cap" crowd to be quite as quick to step up now as they were to make up, and/or believe every stupid rumour they could find or manufacture....

Is this before or after the Joseph, Perry dump. If it is after it still means they were high above the cap during the season, if it is before then Tillman did an average job maintaining the salaries (which is better than what many think)

All that matters is the total spent on salaries as of the end of the season...the Joseph/Perry "dump" would be relevant to next season's SMS, as their salaries would have been counted in the 2007 totals.

People can whine about the cap all they want, the one thing that all the whining in the World will never change is that the Riders were the 2007 Grey Cup Champions. They made a huge profit and because they are community owned, that profit will go back into the community.

Teams going over the cap is not news, they all do it. The important thing to me is how much they were over the cap. It will be interesting to see how the Riders of 2007 compare to the Argoes of 2008. Methinks that $54,000 will seem like a pittance.

That's right, jm02.

Considering the injury situation, $55k over is very respectable - about 1.25% over the cap, or the equivalent of 2 Dave Dickenson games.

Cap numbers for 2007 include Perry and Joseph. They have to like jm02 said. They were on the team last year. This means Riders won cup even after cutting cap a lot from 2006. Riders cut $500,000 from salaries year before or more. And they still won championship.

Even though the naysayers were wrong, they will never admit it. They will just find something else to bash Tillman or the Rider with anyway.

Anyone remember what the cap was raised to for next season? (I posted the article, but I'm too lazy to search.) At any rate, if the Riders are only $55,000 over and they got rid of Joseph and Perry, they should be well below next season.

So good job to Tillman.

it went up 150,000 for next season. and really guys 1,000 or 55,000 over the cap the team still broke the cap. wee have it for a reason and must be inforced.

4.2 I think

it went up 150,000 for next season. and really guys 1,000 or 55,000 over the cap the team still broke the cap. wee have it for a reason and must be inforced
It is being enforced. The Riders will have to pay an addition 54,300.

It is a soft cap, ie., there are penalties assessed for going over, but no actual "rule" preventing them from doing so. 55,000 over, given that we were also approx. 160,000 higher in injury costs than the average team last year (ie. if we had been average in injuries, we would have been 100,000 under the cap), is a very respectable accomplishment. If the rest of the teams have done as well, the cap is working fine.

Actually I would not even call it a cap. Even the league refers to it as the SMS(Salary Management System) and not a cap.

Exactly. No one's saying the Riders are getting away with anything. They'll still face penalties. But considering how much they were spending a couple years ago, Tillman did a good job bringing it down.

I remember several posters claiming as factual evidence they dug up that the Riders where way over cap and that the riders where in fact attempting to commit fraud.

I wonder if their tin foil hats are still intact or if they need new space protection helmets lol. Seriously only 55k over with all the injuries the Riders had is incredible. Tillman is proving he has a future in Banking when he retires lol

"I would be surprised if we didn't lead the CFL in every category,'' Jim Hopson, the Roughriders president and CEO, said Friday.
That confirms it. The Roughriders spent the most money last season. Those cheaters had to buy their Grey Cup. :lol: