Riders #3 and Als # 10 Sports Brand

The TV numbers across Canada shows basically a flat line of viewership outside the GTA.

Actually I see a LOT more Raptors stuff being worn in Western Canada than I do seeing Jays stuff (still see lots of Expo stuff as well). Right after Roughriders, the next would probably be actually Team Canada merch then the Raptors.

Here in PEI I recently asked a local sports store owner why he didn't have any CFL merch. He said he tried it a couple of times but couldn't sell it. Bruins and Red Sox are big here.

I do see Rider merch on tourists, but I saw that in the Bahamas too.

You need a team in Atlantic Canada to change that stupid mentality.

The Raptors actually have a ridiculously large fanbase outside of the GTA who travels very well on the road. You can almost guarantee that if they are playing a team that is close to the border, you will get a large contingent of Raptors fans who flock to the game. I think everyone is underestimating just how powerful the Raptors brand is right now among people aged probably as low as 13 up to around 25 years old. Basketball really is no longer a niche sport in Canada, just look at how good our Pan-AM roster is, and I think we have a legit shot at grabbing a medal in the next Olympics. Basketball has never been more popular in Canada, and the Raptors are one of the main reasons for that.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/raptors/2015/04/22/raptors-fans-expected-to-storm-washington-for-game-3-against-wizards.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/raptors/2 ... zards.html[/url] [url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/raptors/2014/12/20/raucous_raptors_fans_at_home_on_road.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/raptors/2 ... _road.html[/url]

Great idea! Someone should start a thread about that.

Maybe one about general expansion too! :lol: :lol:

Saw a lot of Riders and Bombers fans in April while in Cuba. Love the fact that they were their team colours wherever they go.

TV numbers are nice, but in a gate and merch driven league, they are not the be all and end all. We need sales, and the Raptors certainly get way more than the Argos. That will hopefully change next year.

I agree with that 100%, but some Argos fans refuse to believe that, always pointing to TV numbers. In reality, when you only play an 18 game sked compared to 82, your per game TV numbers should be significantly higher. And believe me, nobody loves the Argos and CFL more than I do. I'm just a realist.

Now that Canada has so many NHL teams (with two more likely to come) is there any ground swell to break away from the US teams? Or do the original six rivalries still trump all the over-expansion in the Southern US?

I have some property for you in the everglades then?
Anyone that believes what that rag The Star prints and no doubt always trumpeting the Craptors, Leafs and BJ at the expense on no coverage for the Argos or CFL, well then that person needs a reality check.

Hey, I am not disagreeing that the Argos don't get their fair share of the media's attention in Toronto, but that doesn't mean the Raptors aren't popular across Canada. The Toronto Star is also one of the most respected papers in Canada, their sports coverage isn't the best, but they definitely aren't wrong about how many fans the Raptors have across the country. I would guess you don't watch many Raptors games, but that's all you have to do to realize that the Raptors have fans everywhere. They also have a very stylish look, which they might be ruining as we speak, but people love repping Raptors swag. They have what the Argos unfortunately don't which is a large contingent of casual fans. Same with the Jays, and Leafs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSzLqYhw-kY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhKth3RJ2Mk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1O4bsussew (you'd never see this if the Argos made the Grey Cup, let alone round one.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE7Ct9OD0J4

What do you mean they are not wrong.
That's your opinion of the one sided Star.
It's based on no scientific date.
Here is some fact, a few years back I played touch football with one of the editors of the Star.
I asked him why the obvious lack and bias against the CFL and Argos.
He agreed and said on his own went up the food chain and spoke to his editor who advised editorial decision made.
Also how the publisher and others below him hated the CFL and Argos and made a conscious effort to minimize/ignore same.
My opinion is also based on other facts; TV numbers do mean something as being a reflection of the interest.
The Craptors after an increase in '14 are in the 200,000 range, being plus or minus.
Grant you I will concede they are marketed well here locally in the GTA and by and large to include the vast multi cultural community.
But not a factor country wide.

I’ll politely bow out and simply say I disagree about the Raptors. Like I said I know the Argos don’t get a fair shake from the media, that I never disagreed with which seems to be your main gripe with me at the moment even though my original post had nothing to do with the Argos.

It's a discussion, subjective opinions with some facts!

I guess thats the same way we feel about the Leafs out west LOL. But Hey, enjoy the #1 coach, that money can buy.

And my opinion often is based on the fact that you are an idiot.

That's what I expected from you, nothing more then a moron that has to resort to calling people names when you don't get your way.
Just take your ball and go home, you are not welcome here.

Don't know what you're talking about when it comes to getting my own way. You make moronic comments, often contradicting previous comments you have made. That makes you a moron. Living in Toronto, and not acknowledging that pretty well everyone in the city wears Raptors and Blue Jays hats and t-shirts, and jerseys also makes you either blind or in denial. You put so much emphasis on TV ratings and claim the Argos are more popular in than Toronto than those teams. I wish that was the case, but I'm NOT a moron.

As for not being welcomed here, you seem to be the only person that has a problem with me. I'm not the only one in this thread to disagree with your moronic thoughts. Why don't you ask everyone else to leave?