Riders #3 and Als # 10 Sports Brand

In the latest survey, our Riders are listed as the 3rd strongest sports brand and the Als as the 10th.
My issue is the Craptors and Blue Jays, with the former definitely being a niche sport in the Toronto GTA only.
Even the Blue Jays are not much better.
This has to have been financed by the Rogers clan?

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/survey-habs-the-strongest-pro-sports-brand-in-canada-1.327906]http://www.tsn.ca/survey-habs-the-stron ... a-1.327906[/url]

As much as I hate Rogers, they do a good job of promoting the Jays. After all, it is all Jays and NHL almost all of the time on their sports networks plus they get good coverage of the Jays on their other TV stations like CITY.

Another useless survey - how about ranking the sports brand by total sales.

Here is the order of the Top 10 (just in case you don’t want to have to go to the link to see).

1. Montreal Canadiens 2. Toronto Maple Leafs 3. Saskatchewan Roughriders 4. Toronto Blue Jays 5. Toronto Raptors 6. Winnipeg Jets 7. Vancouver Canucks 8. Calgary Flames 9. Ottawa Senators 10. Montreal Alouettes
Most of those do not surprise me. I think it was a no brainer the Habs and Leafs would be the Top 2 and the Riders and Jays being the next two. Riders by far the most successful CFL brand and the Jays being the only MLB team in the country and clearly the number two team in population rich Southern Ontario. Plus they have a decent following throughout much of the rest of Canada as proven by the support they get when they play in Minnesota and Seattle especially and they do have a bit of a following in Quebec in the absence of the Expos.

Raptors - I’m not surprised they are in the Top 10 but a little surprised they beat some of the other NHL teams. Jets being ahead of the Flames and Canucks is also a bit of a surprise to me. Initially the Als being the second highest CFL team surprised me a bit - but then thinking about it and realizing it is the only other pro team in Quebec and the ‘home team’ coverage they get on RDS and all other French media probably gives them the edge over other CFL teams.

Actually the results would be much the same I would expect. That was brought up a few years ago based solely on merchandise sales and 1,2,3 there was the same as they are in this poll.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/argos/2011/08/18/its_easy_being_green_roughriders_marketing_sets_example_for_other_teams.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... teams.html[/url]

Yes they do Ravi, however it is only on their own TV, Radio and other media outlets.

Some how the Als only draw 50K on RDS though... Slims comments seem even stupider now than before

I see Blue Jay highlights on TSN TV and hear Blue Jay updates on TSN 1050 radio all the time. :expressionless:

Last night after the white Sox / blue jays game, the skyway train had more visable jays fans than white Sox fans. Jays fans travel well. Lots of jays fans in Detroit on Saturday was expected since it's a border city, but I was surprised at the amount of jays fans in Chicago while I was there. Not surprised to see them number 4 on this list. I am, however, surprised to see the raptors ahead of the Canucks and oilers, and other NHL teams. I've got to question that one.

I did spot a Roughriders shirt at the john Hancock building yesterday :thup:

They don't list the 9 cities they polled people in, so I'm not entirely sure of the accuracy of the poll. Insightrix Research is based out of Saskatoon, so I'm assuming that one of the cities was either Saskatoon or Regina.

I'm not surprised about the Blue Jays, they do have a following all across Canada being the only baseball team. The Raptors I think should be lower on this list, but I'm not surprised they are on there as another lone Canadian major sports team.

I have my doubts that the Als have a stronger brand than the Oilers though.

The Oilers? LOL. Their brand should be: "Doing Less with #1 Draft Picks Than Any Other NHL Team." Or perhaps: "Edmonton: The City Chris Pronger Couldn't Wait to Leave." Nobody gives a crap about the Oilers on the eastern seaboard.

[i]Hey, the Ticats ain't in the top 10!

The Ticats should cross promote their brand with another Hamilton brand: Tim Hortons. Kitty cats and Timbits go together like garlic and bad breath! Fix up that pouncing tiger logo. Take that pouncing tiger, and put a donut in its mouth. Maybe it can be seen pouncing on an Argos fan to steal his Tim Horton's coffee. Now that would be a logo for the Timbits Ticats!

Hey Bobo, you're good at them drawings and graphics. Design this new logo, and see your team have the best brand in Canada. You can thank Johnny later :rockin: [/i]

I wonder what the next ten are.. MLS teams must round out 19 and 20

I would guess that it would be Oilers, Eskimos,Lions Bombers, Stamps, Tigercats,Red Blacks, Argos, Whitcaps, then TFC.

LMFAO…niche sport. I personally don’t care either way, but a team that has been around for 20 years, takes in 10’s of millions of dollars annually in revenue, and sells out an exhibition game played in a different Canadian city yearly (at not cheap prices) is not to be considered a niche sport.

Talking about popularity why has the National Post dropped any type of CFL coverage? their latest CFL article "Michael Sam returning to the Als' - a story two weeks old.

http://news.nationalpost.com/category/sports/cfl http://news.nationalpost.com/category/sports

The Globe and Mail coverage is not much better.


Most newspapers have cut back their staff including sports reporters over the last few years and I suspect the result is that many of the reporters who in the past would be filing a CFL story or two each week have been spread thin and the last few weeks have been out covering the Women’s World Cup and doing Pan Am athletes profile type stories rather than visiting CFL teams for story material.

As I mentioned in another thread the Toronto media (and hence national media) are pumping out dozens of Pan Am related stories each day and the same will continue through the games. So I would not be surprised to see hit and miss CFL coverage until the Pan Am games are over and the Southern Ontario teams start to actually play some home games in early August.

The Star, Globe and Post never covered the Argos or the league even in the best of times.
Conversely even with the print media problems, The Sun has unbelievably increased coverage on the Argos and CFL.
Go figure, but good on the Sun.

I disagree about the Post. You need to remember, the Post’s Sports Page has always been their weak suit. Very limited. On a percentage basis, the Post provided a lot of CFL coverage. The same might (I don’t get it) apply to the Globe.

I used to have daily delivery of the Post and then about a year ago cancelled it because there was horrid CFL and Argo coverage.
Even worse from what I remember The Star and Globe who used to have Marty York with his decent coverage.