Riders 3-0

Great job all three phases of the game!

Riders are well coached and the players play hard to get results.......Richie Hall deserves credit I say.

Yes Hall deserves kudos! Here here!

Got to admit before the season started and with all the changes that have happened over the off-season and throughout training camp, having the Riders at 3-0 today is a thumps up to what Coach Chamblin and his staff are doing. I like what I see so far from the team.

No doubt. We had over 50% of the team turn over. People seem to have forgot that this team is actually rebuilding with the goal to make the playoffs. Now people are talking like we are expected to win the GC. They are doing better than another team that is rebuilding. There is still a long season ahead of them.

I was hoping that this was gonna be an exciting matchup...
I am still confused? When was the last time McCallum missed 2 in the same game?

Got a bit worried there when we missed that FG at the end of the game there, but the D shut them down pretty well. I don't think anyone was expecting this big a start, so I can only hope that the momentum will keep building.

yeah, I honestly was hoping the Riders would be 3-3 to start the season with all of the changes…guess that is a given now, and potentially sitting a lot better by then.

mrt_man - never mind the missed FG, I was shocked they even tried it! Rally lucky break, and great coverage pinning the cats deep. Kudos to the whole team for not falling apart after the TD aided by a missed call and them missing the FG.

My faith in BT is way up at the moment. Still a long ways to go, but I am guessing most that were opposed are feeling he earned that 1 year extension at this point. Loving the way the coaching staff is running the team at this point! Energy, confidence, and work ethic!

Yes, a very composed and methodical team. I would hardly call them flashy (okay, the TJ returns were pretty flashy !) but they sure do their job well. And the standings reflect it.

Biggest stat IMO - 3 games, 0 turnovers.

Ya the phone in shows are halarious. It's like people have forgot last year and that this team is rebuilding. They have gelled much quicker than anyone could hope, the new guys are playing lights out and the vetrans too. Taman has done a great job since Miller left. He's under a ton of pressure and I was one fan giving him 1 year to prove he knows what he is doing. Well between him and Chamblin, what a turn around. Full credit to both of them. The attitude on the team has changed 180 and the fans finally get the sense that the team is being properly managed and coached. Kinda like under Kent Austin.

But let's not jump from rebuilding to we are going to win the cup. Frankly I thought we rebuild this year with a push for the cup in 2013 in Regina. One game at a time, work hard and focused and the rest will take care of itself. If we win the GC, and I hope we do, excellent. We're ahead of schedule.


I don't live in Sasky at the present time, but I heard from a die hard fan that the coaching staff, last year, was like a drill sargeant. Did any of the local fans see that too, or is that one person's opinion? Just think what last year would have been like with Chamblin at the healm?

This is great to see. The Team really seems to believe in this guy!!

I must admit that I love the Lions and was looking forward to a win but Saskatchewan did what they needed to do to shut the Lions down. The Lions were simply out played. Missing a routine 40 yard field goal only to see it run back 120+ yards for a TD sure didn't help the Lions' cause. I don't know if McCallum let the Roughie fans crawl into his head or he was simply off yesterday or it was his new holder. Maybe a combination of all 3 but Lions fans have gotten used to seeing "Mr. Automatic" bang those 40+ yarders in routinely.

The Lions had their chances having pulled within 3 with 3:44 still remaining on the clock. Still plenty of time. All they needed to do was shut Durant down and get the ball back. They couldn't. They just could not! Gag me with a spoon. Durant and Sheets were on fire and destroying the Lions' D. 1st down after 1st down until the Rough Riders actually were able to get into field goal range. They missed and still gave the Lions 58 seconds to get the ball within field goal range for a tie. It would have been sweet for McCallum if he could have tied the game on the last play but the Rough Riders D had other plans. McCallum was being given the raspberries during the game. Roughie fans don't forget easily. lol

It was fairly humid, then a skiff of rain…just that perfect amount to make the ball grip extra (not slip, but grip, making angled kicks a woe), yet not make one overly conscious of it. On top of it the wind pattern is significantly altered with the new seating. Paul is no stranger to the winds in Regina and likely struggled with that, as has Milo. It is a big change. there were 15km/hr winds, and the flags atop the posts barely moved, yet you know if the ball gets much higher it is going to drift, because the seats on the one end are slightly off level with the posts. as that is the end the wind comes from, the wind would be more relevant at the far end, blowing to the endzone) because of some down draft…the end where the big return started from.

Whats Paul’s address out there? We want to deliver a load of thank-you flowers to his neighbor’s yard

Marshall was a drill Sargent but Granpa Miller was always in the stands watching. It was too awkward and half the players wanted Miller back. Marshall also threw players under the bus and that didn't help. Chamblin is tough but fair. He also installed a team concept that I don't think Marshall had. Changing half the players in the offseason has made this Chamblins team.