Riders 2017 schedule released

Well for better or worse here is the schedule for 2017 . http://www.riderville.com/schedule/

Game one in Montreal and first home game against the Bombers. Weee..

at a glance it looks solid...1 Thursday game and that is on the road.
Figured they would play the Als in week 1 but really glad they did not do it in Regina...the fans deserve to not have the new stadium storyline overshadowed. Really happy that it is the Bombers...fitting team to open it with.
Week 4 and 9 bye is kinda brutal. Should be spaced out more than that.

here are the bye weeks per team
team.----------- bye weeks
Montreal.------ 7 - 17
Toronto-------- 12 - 19
Ottawa --------- 6 - 18 - 20
Hamilton------- 2 - 10
Winnipeg ------ 1 - 13
Riders ---------- 4 - 9
Calgary -------- 8 - 16
Edmonton----- 3 - 14
BC --------------- 11 - 15

Riders and Hamilton have both Bye weeks before Toronto and BC have their 1st ?
cant understand why all teams don't have a bye week before they go to round 2, ?
must be stadium bookings ?

At a glance the riders could easily be 0-4 by week 5. Seriously, they never play well in Montreal and then the Bombers, Hamilton, and Calgary. Hamilton maybe the only "soft" game and I give us no chance against the Stamps. Perhaps they sneak one out against the Bombers but I wouldn't bet on that either.

At a glance they could be 4-0 by week 5. No idea what anyone is going to table this season as free agency has not even started. There should be a fair bit of turmoil to start the Als season and thus far I have not seen much that should improve the Cats plus they lost one of the better DCs in the league. Bombers are a good game of late and they will be the first ones dealing with what should be a surreal noise level at the stadium....granted they are playing a preseason game there and it should be packed...so will be somewhat prepared. As for the Stamps...live and die by ability to get heat on Bo.

I think 4 and 0 is a stretch, I think 1 and 3 would be a more likely turn out, durant will destroy the riders in game one , if he has to put the team on his shoulders to do it, he will want to stuff it down jones throat . But that's my opinion ? I think the riders will be 5 and 13 again , maybe 4 and 14.

DD has historically struggled getting chemistry with new receivers...though he did pretty well with it for the first time last year....so we shall see.

The thing is we never play good in Montreal and as much as I would love to see us beat the Stamps I just don't see it. Then we have a couple against the Lions and we don't usually fare to well against them either for some reason. Then a game in Edmonton where once again we seem snake bitten. I think 2- 7 by week 10 could be optimistic ( 2 off weeks in that short of a time frame is stupid) . The Labor day and Banjo Bowl could be the tipping point of the season. If we lose both then we are probably toast with games in Hamilton then host the Stamps and off to Ottawa after that. So that is not an easy task trying to win two down east and one against the Stamps.

We have to win the games against the Argos and Hamilton here or this season could be real ugly, real quick.

Honestly I could see us going 4-14 perhaps as good a 6-12 but who knows.

From Depop - " ... [Bombers] will be the first ones dealing with what should be a surreal noise level at the stadium...."

Yep, the roof is designed to reflect the noise level back down to the turf. It was LOUD at the Husky / Rams game 'test event' last fall & that was only at $16K - about 1/2 capacity.

Got a private tour last week of New Taylor Field - it is spectacular.

Too bad I may have to miss the July 1 game.

Hoping we do better than 5 - 13 from last year.

Yup...there is season beyond awesome fans that Seattle is the loudest stadium...somewhat similar design. You could see (hear) the difference at Bomber games as well.