Riders 2013 Transactions

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Two receiver signings [Rod Harper/Eron Riley] of late along with the release of five players. One perhaps could be a fit on Special Teams; details in the above link.

On twitter; a LB [Anthony Heygood] will be coming to camp as well but with no official confirmation as of yet, but likely.
Some details in the link below from The Star Phoenix.

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Harper is also a Punt return specialist and had a couple of NFL preseason returns. He has been on AFL2 rosters, NFL rosters and practice rosters. exhausting all of his NFL options could fit nicely filling a receiver spot as well as Punt returner. They tried last season with a bigger name in Moss put injuries ultimately ended his season in Regina and probably his career.
Releasing Bonar before training camp could be indicating that he just is not a CFL calibre Kicker or punter and/or brings to light the bigger posibility that many have been doubting that the Riders will indeed be leaning towards the import kicker with the Big Big leg allowing MILO to concentrate on Place Kicking.
Sandro D being forced into double duties for part of last season really killed the Riders so much that they brought in Ricky just to punt in the playoffs

Some good signings…Riley has a solid frame, but is in tough against Carr. There is actually going to be some really stiff competition at WR this preseason.

Not shocked at all with Bodnar. They had 4 guys, and realistically that is likely to be down to 2 by season opener. I think the real question is does an Import have a good shot this season.

I think that will depend on McKnight. After last season going with Milo for all duties to start the season was found to be a mistake at this point of his career and having to settle on Sandro was not bad for FGs but all duties clearly hurt. Competition in camp will be still as the Chamblain seems to be indicating that he will use two kickers but which two will be doing witch duties will be the Question. I think if McKnight has a great TC and beats out Milo for FG kicker than Milo who has a big leg and is a good punter then the import will go. If Milo, however, wins the FG kicking battle I don’t think that Mcknight is known for his big leg and Ricky Import will do the punting.
McKnight would most likley be stuck again on the 9 game IR for insurance and as a kicker to offer up in the expansion draft.

Mcknight has to tank pretty hard not to get the job after a trade was made for him in order for Schmitt to win a spot as an Import. As a 68% FG kicker, McKknight would need to do something sensational to push Milo out, as Milo is 77% over 2 seasons,and even though he had a rough go last year, at 65%...that is still almost the average of McKnight. Mcknight's best ever season in NCAA was 78%...basically Milo's 2 season average, including the 1 bad year out of 2. Milo's CIS average was, I believe, 86%, and he sits 4th all time for FGs.

Schmitt is an import with a strong punting leg, but is not a FG kicker, or at least not in NCAA. A 4-5 extra extra yards on a punt in the CFL is tough to justify keeping an import over NIs who can do both duties if called upon. Bodnar will still likely be around if the Riders need him. I see it highly unlikely being anything other than McKnight and Milo...unless Schmitt is out kicking them by approaching double digits or someone seriously tanks. Scmitt doe not even equate into the FG conversation unless he shows up and shows he can knock out 50 yard FGs, yeah, it potentially changes things. I think he kicked maybe a half dozen FGs in NCAA, but he has a hellovaLeg on kickoffs.

I believe Milo will be kicking FGs, McKnight punting and kickoffs, even though Schmitt may be a better punter. Milo's FG numbers are hands down the best historically, and the Riders will have tossed picks out the window in the trade for McKnight if he is cut...even if they should cut him, there will be some face saving cuts I would think...a little pressure from BT if you will.

I still don't understand how Ifield never got a crack at the CFL.

Thats what the Riders are hoping will happen and with Import Ricky there to push McKnight as punter most likely and also will most likely be using that big leg in camp for Kick Offs as well.
Last year really only the import Kicker from toront was able to consitantly kick off into the end zone or goaline if Ricky can do that as well as punt it will be a tough decision.
The riders are not poor and if needed keeping McKnight hidden on the 9 game IR where his salary will not count against the cap. It is done all the time with players who are not injured and the CFL tends to look the other way as everyone is injured in football. Teams work the system all the time and McKnight would be the one player they can take off the 9 game if needed ahead of time by rule

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Richard Sumlin DL inks a two year deal, features an option year; see link above. Going to be a good/interesting training camp come June I must say.

Great article and just brings the point that the CIS should be hosting a week of skills and drills in January followed by a senior bowl type all star game. Giving the chance for scouts in not just the CFL but the NFL as well as Arena to get a better look at the top Canadian players at their most recent time in both skills and drills but also some slight game action against equal talented players even if the game itself is watered down a bit you do get to see receivers going against DBs in live action, OLine against DLine, etc.
Remember this is not the NFL pro bowl and these players who most are not sure fire top draft picks will play hard to give a good game for the scouts as well as fans to watch



January 22; Patrick released - January 25 signed by Hamilton.

like 3 months ago...they released him and he signed basically as soon as he cleared waivers. I won a bet with a buddy because I said he would end up in Hamilton.

One of my all time favs, and a serious threat when used properly. He no longer fit the D, and they had a solid NI to keep happy. One of those ones that you hate to see him go, but you know it is probably the best move for all parties. In 2010 and 1/2 of 2011 he kinda had free rein and it showed in his stats. Etcheverry did some interesting things with the safety spot...creeping in the shadows, and he fit the role perfectly. By last year he was pretty much relegated to ineffective rotations. they tried to make it work...they truly did...it just didn't.

Shame to see Patrick go. WAY better safety than Butler. NI or not, I don't care. Probably the best ball hawk in the league, at least a top 3 and you try to make him a LB because you want your NI who's half the player at safety?

Not sure I can agree with that as Butler was an All star his rookie season at safety something very hard for any Canadian to do in his first season regardless of position.
Patrick also will be 31 and Butler 25 in the 2013 season.

I wouldn't say Butler is half the player, but I do agree Patrick is a better safety for sure. Butler makes some pretty hits, and that seems to be his things...Patrick would rather go after the ball. That is my preference in the position. Don't get me wrong, I have seen Patrick lay some licks as well. Butler, last season, seemed to be a bit more conscious about the ball and worrying less about laying a guy out, which is promising (yes, I know...it seems odd because he had more Ints the year before, but stats are not everything).

The thing is you have the opportunity to get 6-7 years younger, and develop a ratio player. Butler seems to be continually improving, and they had Patrick waiting in the wing while they were seeing if Butler was going to progress. Clearly they have determined he will, which I agree with. It is the crappy end of being a GM...sometimes you have to make the unpopular decision of letting a player go, even when you yourself know how good they are. I don't like the loss, I don't honestly think brass is happy about it either, but I do understand it.

Chamblain also cleary liked Patrick also removing an All Star Canadian from the line up for an import that is also very good was a nice dilema to have for one season but as is the case in the CFL the younger talent always wins out especially if the older is at the age of 30. With Blutler being Canadian the right deceison was made for sure. Just the way the CFL workis with the roster size at 42 and the ratio being where it is and the SMS keeping two all star calibre safeties for one season they should consider themselves lucky

Butler is an overrated player. He came into the league and laid a couple of big hits in his first couple of games and there wasn't much else to cheer about because the team was so bad that everyone loved the new rookie. Now he's not bad, but because of that he's way overrated. So overrated that even the media voted him an all-star.

Patrick on the other hand, may be an import and 5 years older but he can play. I admit he's a bit 1-dimensional but he is SO GOOD at reading QBs and ballhawking, that he is one of the top 3 game changing DB talents in the league. It was appalling how Hall used him in the defense the past year or so. He could have had a pick every other game if they weren't fooling around with their vanilla schemes and making him an LB.

A Canadian who can hit and blitz, there are lots of those around. Butler can be replaced. A top 3 game changing DB talent, not going to be replaced.

I guess they like Wheldon Brown, and I do too, but then you will have the same problem of 2 guys playing safety and trying to get them both on the field. brown will have to play LB or half, because Butler can't cover well enough (and likely never will) to play anywhere else but safety.

I agree that he is over-hyped, but it is only because he is Canadian. We know he can hit, but he at times puts making the big hit first...that is really his only drawback, and they have been coaching him away from that. The issue is this...you want to keep all the NI talent you can, obviously, and Butler is kinda roped in at Safety, perhaps containing the ability to slip in at LB now and then.

I haven't really seen anyone say that they didn't think Patrick was a better safety, but what do you do? If you don't start Butler he is going to walk at the end of 2013. Yeah, how Hall used Patrick last year sucked...but this becomes a reciprocal topic at this point. Do you want to keep a superb NI Safety who has a solid 5ish seasons left, or a ratio player who is definitely above average with 8-10 left? Honestly, I couldn't fault either decision, but understand the final call to go with diversifying ratio. Sorry, but you are not going to instantly find a lot better NI Safeties than Butler at this time.

Had Patrick been able to step up as a DB/CB he would still be a Rider. He couldn't.
The only way you could keep him is in a 3-4 D...which I was always a little surprised was not flirted with over the past 2 seasons when the DL struggled at times. Butler playing a SS role with Patrick at FS would be amazing.

No, I'll grant that (although the best NI safety in the league as far as I'm concerned is Donovan Alexander hands down), but it's SAFETY. Safety requires the least actual coverage skill of all the secondary positions. Such is why teams have historically thrown some NI body who can hit but can't cover in at safety to make ratio.

You ask, the above average NI (and I'll let you have that one that Butler is above average, although I could also debate that) or the superb playmaker. You take the NI, I take the playmaker. You state your case well, but I disagree. Especially since Foley is now there at a position that is usually an import, they should be able to afford an import at safety which is usually NI. But even if Foley wasn't there, I'd take the playmaker (of that calibre).

I've seen enough Scott Gordons and Wes Lysacks in my time to know exactly what we will be getting from Butler for the next 5 to 10 years. Patrick is on par with Orlondo Steinauer or Baron Miles, although a more 1-dimensional version I admit (and even I generally prefer a more well rounded skill set) but Patrick CHANGES GAMES. Very rare quality. I'd rather have him than another Scott Gordon. No slight on Gordon, Lysack or Butler, I'm not saying that they are bad players, but that's just how I see it.

how does foley weigh into this?? He will not be a ratio player, so there are no more liberties at Safety than last season.

Although many think that the safety position is usaully a ratio spot simply because Canadian DBs are not up to the level of covering a receiver One on one. I think a little mor goes into it. An import DB coming into the CFL for the first time is not used to having the extra receicer in the 12 man game where as Young Canadian DBs have grown up knowing how to read an offense and a QB from the Safety spot.
When you see a good import safety it comes after being in the CFL for several seasons where they are now comfortable with being the safety spot.
Just giving the Canadian DBs who play safety a little more credit than just being restricted to a D backfield spot because of their lack of coverage skills. Being Safety is not an easy position as you can always see when the safety makes the wrong decision it is very maginified